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Bariatric surgery nutritional pyramid


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Fantastic aid to healthy eating post op and even pre-op getting myself used to what I can / should eat to make the most of the bypass when my turn comes. Thank you so much.


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I haven't seen this before. Thank you for bumping whoever posted last and thanks for posting it whoever originally posted it.
It is now my screensaver.
Lynne x


Six Month Post Op
This is great! I will have to print this out and laminate it and hang it on the fridge. Great reminder, even for someone almost 2 years post op.

Thank you for sharing.


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I am posting this smillie face in at least ten forums just so that I can get my 50 posts to be able to do more stuff in here. Please forgive me in advance.

:banana dancer: :thankyou:


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Hi Roch,

I am so impressed with the diet requirements on that picture you posted that I have printed it and it is now clearly displayed on my fridge!! Thanks so much for a valuable piece of information. :D x


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brilliant! got it as my desktop!


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Thanks. for sharing that chart its so easy to understand will put it on my cupboard door in the kitchen as a reference point