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Been around a while


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Well as the title says i have been having a mooch about the site for a while and thought it was time for me to join in and tell you my tale.

I have, like most people on here, been overweight for the biggest part of my life. I was an average child but as my teens set in so did my weight issues, i tried in vain to loose weight sometimes with success but only by eating silly. I would miss breakfast, eat a couple of pieces of fruit for lunch then eat tea at home with my parents.
My family never encouraged me with my "diets", they never saw my weight as an issue like i did.

As i left school and college i started working and being the biggest person i needed to loose weight more than ever. I went to my Drs who was fully understanding and prescribed me some tablets which took away my hunger, they did however keep me awake at night and i found i was grinding my teeth alot and the thirst was totally strange as well but they worked wonders for my weight loss, i was loosing a stone each month!:D I kept on these tablets for four months, i was miles slimmer and then stopped taking them and as you might expect the weight piled back on with more added for good measure.

So more yoyo dieting along with the fad diets meant i was in my mid twenties and reaching fifteen stone. I was due to get married and wanted those lovely tablets but they had been withdrawn:sigh:

Then by my early thirties i had three children, all under five, and my weight was up to 18 stone. I tried the usual WW and Slimming world but no matter how much i managed to loose as soon as i stopped going the weight and more piled back on (sounds familiar eh).

Then three years ago i went to my Drs and got a referal for a free 12 weeks course at Slimming world and lost 2 stone, stopped going as i thought i new it all again and yet again my weight has piled back on so that i was at 20 stone. At this point my Dr suggest weight loss surgery, i said i would think about it as it was a "drastic measure". In the mean time he put me on Reductil.

In March 2009 my Dr he started the ball rolling, i went to some hospital appointments and had various tests which culminated in Salford Royal sending a letter to my Drs in May 2009 stating i was suitable for bypass surgery and all i needed was the funding. After waiting 2 months and hearing nothing i then find out funding was refused because i had not been refered to see the dietician and i needed to be seen by them for at least a year before funding was considered.

I finally got my first appointment with the Dieticians in September 2009 and in March 2010 i received a letter from my PCT stating they were changing the criteria and you now had to be seen for 2 years as well as trying the 12 week diet course and 12 week fitness course and even then you may not get funding !:eek:

So now i have got to the stage where my funding application has just been submitted and i am waiting for a response. I asked for it to be sent in now even though my 2 years is not up until September as i am worried that like others in our area they will be pulling the funding due to "cut backs" etc. To be honest i dont think i will get it (yet) but i should find out where i stand and if they are expecting me to do anything else, or if the funding will still be available for later in the year.

So fingers crossed for now and please wish me luck.


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My fingers are well and firmly crossed for you Mazzer......

You sound like a lot of us and truly deserve a chance xx


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Hi Mazzer to a fellow Mancunian ;) :welcome: to WLS.....I do hope you get the funding you need before all the cut backs kick in and spoil it for you! Im a Salford Royal patient and had a bypass just over 4 months ago.......it was the best thing Ive ever done and Id love for you to get the same chance! Keep in touch XX


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Thank you for your replies, i too hope i get funding soon but only time will tell, until then i shall be gaining as much inside knowledge from all on here as i can :)

Big an Bouncy

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From one Maz to another welcome and good luck with your journey!Maz x


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hi mazzer, welcome to the madhouse, im a fellow mancunian too, i had my wls april 2010, i hope you get the chance at this too, salford royal (hope), is a brilliant place to get the surgery done at. where abouts in manchester are you?. big hugs xxx