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Current nice guidelines?


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Evening all, I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me the most up to date nice guidelines? The ones I see on their website are 2009 and not sure if they've changed??
My pct (Ashton, Wigan and Leigh) just state their funding criteria as 'nice guidelines'. My bmi is 43 and I have pcos. Just at the 1st hurdle and need to know if I'm a suitable candidate before I see my gp next week xx
thanks everyone,


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I am not sure but I think the NICE guidelines might be the same. The big BUT is though that a lot of the PCT's are coming up with their own guidelines that are much stricter than the NICE ones. So you maybe lucky if your PCT says it sticks to the nice ones.

Oh and a big Welcome to the forum Claire

Ps I might be wrong, I am sure some cleverer peeps will be along soon.


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Hi, basically the guidelines are as follows;

BMI 35-40 with co-morbidities
BMI 40-50 and have followed a weight loss management programme for six months
BMI 50+ as a first line of treatment.

So basically yes you meet the criteria for surgery, however they will expect you to have had tried the prescription medication and have had support from a dietician.

Hope that helps.



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As the others say, you meet the NICE guidelines but your PCT may have more restrictions on top. The BOSPA website is out of date.

Probably the best thing to do is call the PCT for their current standing x x


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Thanks for all your advice and information.
I took your advice and telephoned Wigan pct for their current criteria. Well I have to say everyone I spoke with was absolutely useless!!! I am so angry!! Basically told me to sign up to a website called 'lose weight, feel great!' wow that's helpful!!

After complaining and being passed round the houses, I was told I would need to speak to the commissioning team but when they patched me through I was cut off!! Grrrrr I am so angry!!

Just trying to find their direct line on the good old world wide web!!

Snow White

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The whole NICE versus Trust is really annoying. There is someone taking a trust to the European court of human rights because he was refused by his pct, but meets NICE guidelines. I think all the trusts should have to follow the same ones. It's just the usual post code lottery otherwise.