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Do any bandits out there regret having it done?

los in it

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you get my gold star for best post of the day!


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Like the original poster I had many concerns the worst one was my age I am 61..so old to be having a band

But when you see your mobility going down the pan and having to have more and more done for you each day I really had no choice it was a wheelchair or weight loss..Im so glad I choose WL

Its not easy and like you I too turned down surgery many years ago, I simply wasn't ready..and it could have been funded too, now I had to pay, so my hard earned savings took a bashing,
I sincerely hope that in a few months time I can post a new photo of me sit back and say
Yep it was the right thing to do :)


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I have my first consult on Saturday and I am hoping to have my surgery end of November and I have no support from anyone at the moment, not even my hubby and that has made me doubt myself but when I'm laying awake (as I do most nights) fretting about it all going round and round in my head, yes I could lose the five stone that I keep yo-yoing with, and yes, I would keep it off for a bit but, I know it will just creep back on again, well, I say creep, three stone has 'galloped' back on since March! And I do feel poorly, my joints ache, I'm tired all the time and un-enthusiastic and worst of all, my self esteem has plunged so very low, I feel I could crawl under a snakes belly!

None of this is healthy and so at the end of the day, it just has to be the right decision. We had a McDonalds on the way home last night. Not something I normally eat but I fancied it. It was OK but it struck me that this was probably the last time I'd ever be able to eat one of these and I must say, that thought did cheer me up! Hah!

None of us have a crystal ball, who knows how we may all feel five years from now but all I would say is that it is vitally important that whatever WLS we have, we are having it for the right reasons. Not to suit or please anyone else, but because it's what we want.


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I don't regret having my band although I do regret not having the bypass as was recommended as im now waiting to be revised to as my bands slipped. when the band works well its a wonderous thing but when it doesn't it can be difficult iv gained all the weight back plus some mostly my fault but I don't regret anything because for me it was right at the time and without it I wouldn't have had my daughter.


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Omg you have done so well am coming close to my op and now and then start getting worried but read stories like this makes me realise I am doing the best thing for me thank you
Really helpful thread. Thank you