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More chat for long termers any surgery - Plastics


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Still posting in Gastric Bypass 6 months post op as new section is not yet up but must emphasise all surgeries welcome.

So how has this week been for you?

Out and about reading diaries (but actually not posting that much as the questions occurring are mainly around more immediate post op concerns and others can weigh in there). A recurring theme at any stage is plastics. So I thought we could use a specific discussion thread around that.

So here are my thoughts. If there was anyone more well researched than me when I had the op, other than Nic (Phatgirl) of course, I had yet to find them. I'd been on various fora for over 2 years, I read what those having surgery wrote about loose skin but somehow chose to ignore it. I suppose like most folks i got caught up in the need to loose the weight. Being 30+ stones will do that to you. Plus I wrongly thought that having lost over 12 stone before surgery without loose skin it would miraculously pass me by. WRONG!!!

Once I lost the weight I was destroyed by the impact of the loose skin and my goodness there was loads of it. Now for me I didn't fully have to deal with the problems the majority of WLS folks do. I was lucky enough to have the money to fund it all, believe me that has meant other things have had to go but it solved that major skin problem.

However it has always been there worrying me what would I have done/felt if that hadn't been the case? So over to you what are your thoughts. In hindsight I'm not sure if I hadn't had the money for plastics that I wouldn't have exchanged one problem for another. Would I have gone ahead…I'm almost sure I would but honestly not 100%.

Do you think this problem should be right up there at the start of the WLS journey? Some honest feedback available on fora from long termers facing that problem of unlikely plastics could only help. The very real differences between loose skin at 10 stones lost and 15, 20, 25 stones lost. Obviously the more to loose the greater incentive for WLS as really you are facing a death sentence but the greater amount of loose skin and its attendant problems. Age does that figure? Younger WLS folks may not be in a relationship - feel ugly with loose skin will it be accepted by likely partners. Of course the answer is that is personal to individuals of any age in any relationship but relevant to your decision.

Open up examine the question deep down inside really think about it, your thoughts will be so helpful to others behind us and may help us cope with what we are facing. I know many will say good spanxs or similar help - yes but you don't wear them 24/7. You and your body are there all day every day let your worries and thoughts out.

Would some choose not to go down that route if plastics can't be funded?


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I can't wear spanx without getting in pain. It chafes the skin and just hurts. I am lucky in that my OH has no issue with it at all - its all about me. I did think when I first started that Iwould be fine with it, that I knew there was a price to pay, but unless there was a medical need, ie infections etc, I would not mind. Now here I am and I realise I was so naive. I didn't imagine ever being size 12-14 and when I imagine a size 14/12 it looks very different to what I see in the mirror. And the weight of it being constantly on my mind is exhausting.

los in it

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I really want to think I will be ok with flabby skin , back fat and wobbly thighs and bingo wings but who knows im thinking small price to pay for been healthier , smaller happier girl just keep buying the control pants , 10 stone down and still more to go who knows how I will feel in another 6 months?