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Eating 6 weeks post op - what's normal??

Hi I know this will have been asked but I can't seem to find the answers! I am 6 weeks post op from a RNY bypass and starting on a full normal diet.
I have had the following with no issues today and just wondering if this is too much not enough and I must admit didn't feel much restriction while eating just afterwards!

1 small piece of whole meal toast 400g loaf - no crust eaten (breakfast)
40g tuna mixed with half spring onion half cherry tomato and 10g of feta cheese 3 ritz crackers (lunch)
Very small salad of 30g chicken 3 cherry tomatoes 2 lettuce leaves and a sliver of red & yellow pepper, 3 chunks of fresh mango (tea)

Is this too much? Stomach is gurgling like mad now!!! I have really struggled over the past few days eating and drinking (could barley manage to eat half a yogurt) so was surprised I could eat this much today and now worried I have no restriction - as I am sure we all have at times!!!

Thanks in advance for any responses or for even reading my ramblings:8855: