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Gastric Balloon ELIPSE

Discussion in 'General Surgical Weight Loss Discussion' started by Princess Rosie, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Princess Rosie

    Princess Rosie Member

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    Mr DeCadt
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    4th June 2018
    Hi all,

    Im looking for some current info / reviews on Gastric Balloons. I can see there are old posts but the procedure has progressed in recent years, for example ive read it only take 1 x capsule to swallow instead of 3 x, plus there is the new Elipse that dissolves after 16 weeks rather than having the balloon removed.

    I last came on here last year when i went to Czech for a Gastric Sleeve only to be turn down after pre-op checks found i had an under active thyroid.
    I came back determined to lose weight, i stopped eating crisp and started taking diet pills from the doctor. I lost about 8lb but Xmas came i and slipped deeply back into bad habits, stress at work doesn't help!

    Ive badgered my GP who ahs agreed to put me forward for WLS once my thyroid is sorted.

    Ive now joined a gym and im feeling focused and through research ive found the Elipse balloon. Has anyone had it?
    If so, why did you pick that over the removable balloon?

    It appears to be the new all singing / dancing alternative to surgery. Any advice or views would be appreciated.