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Heading to Breclav for gastric wrap


New Member
I am booked in on Jan 4 2016 for a gastric wrap.
Starting off at 130kg. heres hoping I will be a bit less in a few months.

New look

New Member
Hi Bob

I hope that your surgery went OK. How are you feeling? I do hope that you update the forum in the near future when you feel up to it.

Snow White

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I loved my time at Breclav hospital!! Next week it will be four years since my wrap! Best decision of my life!


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Well I got my op on 4 January. Started my pre-op diet on 21 dec. I was 132kg
I got operated on 4 Jan. On 21 January I was 118kg. Lost 14kg in 1 month from pre-op.
21 Feb, i was 111kg
21 march, I was 108kg
21 April I am 104kg.

So it was a massive loss at first, but now down to losing 3 or 4kg per month.