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Hi Folks,

Just noticed a thread on the Gastric Wrap in the newbies section. I initially thought it was a specialist bariatric sandwich line M&S were carrying in their stores. Alas it's a new (adapted) procedure. Seems to come from the USA (quelle surprise - they are light years ahead of us in bariatrics eh?! :)

Info I've found :

Only Available with Prof. Martin Fried, within our Prague Specialist European Weight Loss Centre.

The Gastric Sleeve without Stomach Resection (Removal) is quite a hard procedure to research due to the limited number of surgeons in Europe whom are able to provide this surgery.

The procedure was originally designed for Super Obese patients as a first stage intervention to bring down their BMI from 60+ to a safer operating BMI to allow other procedures for example, the Gastric Sleeve to take place.

Over the years it was discovered that a majority of these patients in fact never underwent the 2nd stage procedure, as the weight loss continued, and long term data showed equal or better weight loss then with Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve procedures.

The Gastric Wrap / Gastric Sleeve without Stomach Resection (Removal) has now become the preferred option in the USA, even for lower BMIs in the 30’s. It is also popular with the younger age bracket patients for whom performing the Gastric Sleeve and removing 80-90% has its own long term issues.

With the Gastric Wrap / Gastric Sleeve without Stomach Resection (Removal) 60-80% of post-operatives issues are avoided, which is reflected in the length of clinic post-op care required. (Gastric Sleeve 4/5 nights clinic ward – Gastric Wrap 2 nights as standard).

Why have the band when you can have the Gastric Wrap??
We are now able to offer LGCP (The Gastric Wrap) to patients who are considering the Band.
Like the Band it is:
· Reversible
· Involves no cutting of the stomach
· Has a quick recovery time
· Restricts your ability to consume large portions
Better than the Band because:
· Better weight loss (similar to bypass or sleeve - 3 yr studies show
· Weight loss starts from Day 1 - get off to a flying start
· No "mechanical" device inside you to go wrong - no worries about slippage, erosion or port failure
· No Adjustment needed - no "band fills", no waiting to get to the point of best restriction
· No food getting stuck in the pouch, no "regurgitation"
· Much easier to live with - less "learning of techniques" required
· An ideal "revision" procedure for patients whose bands have failed


CC xxxx :)
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Hiya, yeh there isnt too much info for it out there, but I am going for this operation through Cosmetic Bliss, fly on 8th May, seems like the best of both worlds to me, considering I already had the band years ago and had to have this removed. Fingers crossed this goes well. I am hearing of more and more people going for the wrap, so hopefully it will become more available. x


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Hello!! I thought i'd just let you know that i have been researching this procedure, amongst others (POSE, sleeve, bypass), and in the USA its called a gastric plication. There are quite a few you tube videos of the procedure. (for the squeamish; dont watch the first two!!)

YouTube - G. Skrekas - Lap Gastric Vertical Plication -

YouTube - Bariatric Procedures Laparoscopic Gastric Plication

There are also a few you tube diaries which make for some very interesting watching!! eg;

YouTube - Lietot

YouTube - Lietot

Hope this helps, and hello CC!!:wavey::wavey:


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Thanks for all the info everyone! Especially thanks to Cah-ching for starting off this thread - really useful.

If I thought I had problems with my band - then it is quite useful to know of altenatives.......but I`m quite happy with my band and I can`t see that changing!

Its excellent that there are many choices for people to make and at least on this site you have every opportunity to find out what they are and how they work!

Love Kat x


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Other things i have discovered whilst researching;

The wrap is being used with the band in combination.
The sleeve appears safer than the wrap, and better for heavier BMI.
The wrap appears to have more problems associated with it compared to the sleeve (i've found quite a lot of stuff about the wrap and necrotic stomach tissue).
The hunger producing hormone (ghrelin) part of the stomach is not removed, so there is a risk of continued hunger.
Weight loss is slower than the sleeve.

Info gained from other fora etc. Only hearsay, no studies to back it up.
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I had the wrap in Prague last week and was told although the stomach isnt removed the hunger hormone is part of the stomach that is folded in and stitched up so you don't get the hormone in your blood stream so you don't feel hungry. The surgeon also told me it was safer than a number of other surgeries as there was less involved in the surgery.


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I think if your surgeon has lots of experience you're fine :) (Cosmetic Bliss has done quite a lot i think :))The problems can arise with less experience. Basically, when the stomach is plicated, the blood supply can potentially be cut off. It's a known problem, just as all surgeries have their own problems. i just think its good to know about these things :)

Unexpected Complication from Vertical Sleeve Plication

Edited to add; Cosmetic Bliss say they have had no infections with this procedure, i asked them about it a few weeks ago :) Also, the Prague website says they have done over 200 of these procedures.
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I read about the wrap somewhere a few months ago, maybe that op would be good for me as I fear complications from gsv? hmm :confused:


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i,M HAVING THE Wrap with cosmetic Bliss on the 16th October.. cannot wait!! but also sooooooooooooooooo NERVOUS


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Wow just watched the first video. Isn't amazing what they can do, and how they can work out what they are doing inside!


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Hi there I'm thinking of getting a gastric wrap can anyone who has had one tell me how their weight loss has gone and is it worth it?

Many Thanks
Steph x


Stephb said:
Hi there I'm thinking of getting a gastric wrap can anyone who has had one tell me how their weight loss has gone and is it worth it?

Many Thanks
Steph x

Hi Hun.. I'm getting my wrap next week.. There is lots of wrappers on here now.. I think u have written on a really old post lol....

I'm going with cosmetic bliss, r u on facebook? If so add yourself to the friend list lost of support there too,,,

I'll let u know how I get on xx


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hi everyone i had the wrap on saturday 12th may in prague i had it done through prague beauty (dr vrany)after looking into every procedure out there and making my mind up i booked it on the 8th and had it done on the 12th i stayed in a luxury apartment for 1st night went to hospital (it was a state hospital _no mrsa) and stayed 2 nights and flew home on tuesday ! i have lost 20llb todate i cannot recomend this procedure enough there is only a couple of surgeons actualy licenced to do this op and they only perform it with 2 hospitals there are lots of companys out there offering this procedure for lots of money for a package price and a hand hold service but to be honest its a con and you can save your self at least £1000 by booking your own flights etc so be careful before u hand over your money because the companys offering the best surgeon etc will be the same surgeon and if its not then thats more scary as they may not be licensed to do this !
the hospital staff were very careing and the service they provided me was second to none even with the language barrier .
Tom the driver /partner of prague beauty was the nicest guy i could of ever hoped to have met he was my angel !! he was so helpful answerd all my questions gave me as much info as he could on before and after surgery ,he was not sleazy or pushy either the apartment was beautiful too .
well to cut a long story short my friend who traveld with me got sick and poor tom had to ferry her back to the apartment a good hour drive away he cleared up when she spewed in the lift to the apartment got her meds etc then picked up my husband and daughter let them stay at the apartment drove my husband to me in hospital all for £40 well i could go on and on about how great prague beauty if any one has any questions im more than happy to help ! my surgery was £3000 and my stay in the apartment including food for everyone else lifts around prague pick up and drop off at airport free phone to the uk wifi sky tv etc for 4 nights was £200 so a huge saveing compared to other companys that are advertising and the same surgeon and same hospital
i will say the not so pleasent parts are wakeing up from anastetic vomiting blood for a few hours then just nausea sunday nausea and vomit water once monday no nausea at all feeling much better no pain in stomach at all and tiny incisions 4 of them !! the worst pain is the gas it is awful and is just starting to go now thank god !!i have to follow a liquid diet for 2 weeks then liquid and mush for 2 weeks then week 4/5 start tiny amounts of food one new thing a day incase it dosent go down too well ! the other thing the weight loss is ment to be very good it is ment to be the same as the sleeve! oh and i dont feel physical hungry at all which is amazeing as i am living off water tea and juice !! but it is hard when everyone eating your fav foods in front of you i hope this might have helped a few people