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Hi new here, booked for revision band to MGB ( mini bypass )


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Hi folks

I new to the site but not a complete novice with WL surgery as was banded in 2007 in Belgium by Dr Chris De Bruyne. Had good success with the band but over time it became difficult to maintain or lose weight. When the band behaved I was fine but then every 14-18 months it would self tighten and I would fond myself having to look for an emergency unfill. Not an easy feat when you live on Scotland and you have had to go private for surgery.

Anyway after an unfill of a couple of mls it would then be a real chore to try and get back to where I was before the tightening and on the meantime I would put on weight. Still I was fine with it, just took that in my stride as I knew from the outset it would not always be plain sailing.

Until last year.

I had 8 fills / unfills in 5 or 6 months. Sometime twice in one visit so in truth more than 8 fills. Juts could not get a comfortable restriction back. I was either so tight I could not drink water or loose enough to eat way too much. The last time I went was November for an emergency unfill 8 days after my last fill. That involved a 500 mile round trip to Manchester, i had had enough.

So since then I have piled on the weight. The tool that had given me back my life no longer worked for me, and if I am honest it turned me from a person who ate relatively healthily, albeit way too much, into a sweet eater. Eating rubbish and feeling rubbish.

In June I am booked for a mini gastric bypass ( MGB ). Lol MGB makes me thinks of the sports car. Going back to my original surgeon as I trust him and still no chance of an op on the NHS. My GP was supportive when I had my band as I had various health issues and my quality of life was quite poor. The band did give me a life back so am ever grateful for that but I now find my self the wrong side of 60 in a bad place health wise again.

One other thing. About 18 months ago I started with a persistent cough. An ex smoker I was used to getting chesty coughs etc but it felt different. I have had countless tests, xrays breathing tests blood test etc but no root cause found. I am convinced this is due to my band. The breathing clinic put me on Omeprazole a few weeks ago as they now thing it may be silent reflux (LPR ) i.e Reflux I am unaware of. No nighttime coughing, but I cough all day long. This worries me a bit if I am still coughing post op. Omeprazole hasn't had an effect yet but it only been a few weeks.

Anyways thats me. Onwards and hopefully downwards come June.



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Test. I could not find this post so I posted another much shorter intro.

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