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How many of you wrappers still get really bad hunger pains even though you are full?


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Hi all!

For peole who have had the wrap procedure, do you still get the same amount of hunger pains like you had before the op or is it less?

lol, but my fear is that I will get the hunger pains and will not be able to eat anymore and would this be a side effect with the wrap which is small considering that I would be losing weight. More curious than anything else.


Definately dont get hunger pains after eating Clare. I do get some occasionally but usually when i know I need to eat. Its great that you cant eat as much though. A glass of water can fill you up too!! :)


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I know its very early for me, but I am really struggling to know when to eat. Im just not hungry at all and I have to remind myself its not about hunger its about getting some nutrition inside me, so I eat (When I say eat, I mean liquids of course) but its really not because I want to!

I am struggling with the 'indigestion' as soon as I lay down it starts and can be quite painful....is this normal? I started taking the omeprazol yesterday morning, does it take a couple of days for it to kick in?



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I still get hunger 'pains' but not like previously. It's more of a feeling I'm empty and need to eat or drink something. Doesn't take much to fill up, and I carry water with me, and usually have a Babybel Lite rattling around the bottom of my handbag for emergencies!

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Snow White

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I am 10 months out, I don't get them. But, everyone is different. If I do feel hungry in between meals though any drink will fill me up.