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Gastric Sleeves - Do you still have head hunger?


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Hi all

With less than a week to go until my op (assuming it goes ahead), I am wondering if the head hunger gets any better.

I find that this is worse than physical hunger for me, and I am hoping that psychologically the head hunger will disappear, at least in the "honeymoon" period.

Those that have had the band/sleeve or bypass, can you comment?

Just worried that WLS won't work for me as I will still be a slave to the head demons :(
To tell the truth yes I do get occasional head hunger, mostly when I'm sitting bored at home so have been keeping myself busy. I don't get physical hunger at the moment apart from little bubbling sensation but nothing like before my sleeve. Not sure long term as I'm only 3weeks post op but these are my current feelings. Obviously it's different for each person.

Good luck for your operation and take care,

Ali :)

los in it

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Nearly 9 months post bypass and I do get head hunger but it if now is ( kind of) easier to deal with it happens mostly when im bored I keep a mantra in my head of " do I want it or do I need it? " or have a drink im finding I need a "taste" more than anything but its not easy some days .
you may need to have your own coping techniques than will work for you


Yes do get head hunger sometimes but nothing like the senseless eating before.plus, head my may be hungry but stomach only accepts little. That helps.
Try to use the honeymoon period to change your habits, break them.
No surgery will give lifelong solution, unfortunately we still have to work on it.


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Thanks all. I am really hoping that I do make the best use of the honeymoon period.


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Yes i agree, its all very different now to how it was. I still look at, lets say, a cake counter and think mmm cakes, but my body just says no cakes! I was away last week and had a slice of carrot cake, i managed a few forkfuls and that was it, totally full. This puts me off buying anything like this as i cant eat it. Same with takeaways, i dont have those at all as i cant eat any of it. My head still says i would love a curry but as i cant eat it i dont bother with it.
Hopefully your restriction will over ride any thoughts...

los in it

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your right ,the desire is there but the tummy cant always handle it.
if I do give in to say a curry I end up having to freeze half as all I need is a few mouthfuls and im happy