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if only i had took the easy way out!!


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well hi again.. hope you are all doing ok and losing lots! well its been almost 7 months since my bypass and over stone gone but this is no way the easy way out i thought it would be! i think about food so much more than i did before.. i buy more.. i count every calorie! dont get me wrong i like it.. i just feel its taking over my life! it is taking over and im letting it.. i know i have issues i need to resolve in my head now and im starting as of last week.. id like to say i came to the choice myself but i didnt.. it took me being admitted to hospital and having to have my bowel untwisted and my gall bladder and gall stones removed before i understood naybe i do have issues that i need help wih sorting on the inside not just the ugly outside!
so today i was discharged again from luton and ive decided i will eat more and make better food choices.. ill do a healthy amount of exercise and i wont ignore what my body needs. i have just ordered the cook yourself thin cookbook and was wondering if any of you lovely people have had a bash at it? and if u found it works? im thinking to sign up to the club online aswell with my nana and try and give my body some of what is obviously needs at the mo. my dietian agrees i should follow a diet that suits me but finding one is harder than i first thought.. all advice welcome :D xx
just a wee tip, some of the foods on the cook yourself thin are not really that good for you, i cant remember which it is off the top of my head, but its a cake that tells you it makes 16 servings, and is a low number of calories.. well as are most cakes if cut into 16 bits!

Food took over my life post op, and i have only just been able to stop counting every cal which the help of a mental health dietician and medication, as I got very ocd about it all, amoung other things.

It's great that your doing something to help so early on :)

If you ever want it i have a wonderful recipe for some banana blueberry breakfast muffins, which are about 202 cals each, and 34 carbs, 14 of which is sugar, which is fine for me, as it dont dump from them and they keep me full up for ages! 5g of fat and 5 of protein.

I love to bake, and generally, i just bake and have a smaller portion of what i had before.

It tends to be the way with most low fat foods that they are higher in carbs, and most low carb foods are higher in fat... its always a trade off... but i focus on a healthy balance :) (heck if i didnt, i would never eat fruit as they are full of carbs!)

I also have healthy versions of moussaka, curry and lasagne among others :)
I tend to find having most things with salad helps, or some fresh veg. In my earlier days i used to pick the pasta out my lasagne, but these days i leave it in as my dieticians have hammered into me how important starches are!

i have heaps of recipes, let me know if there are any you want



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aww thank you.. i tend not to eat too much sugar as i used to dump, (although its creeping back in now!). i would love you recipe for your muffins please :D
i do think im going to give it ago and use the healthy recipes as a guide as they look so easy to cook aswell. i do remember talking to you sometime ago and you really helped me.. i did go to my docotors and adress some of my needs, i know i dont eat enough now so im tring to sort my issues out .. or maybe just eat a little more.. i tend to count calories but watching and reading about this diet i think its more about grams of fat which is ok i can switch lol.. i need to start eating in the morning and that would be a fab start :D i think if i just drank more and ate a little more i would be helping myself no end so im wiliing to try and see.. even if its only for a month.. and i then need to search for something else.. i cant keep telling myself food is evil lol.. i need to learn a happy medium! heres hoping eh? xx

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kirsty ,
i have not had my op yet but i wanted to wish you let, i have also already been thinking about what i should eat after op, but know i must not get too hook up on this, i must be honest i watched eat yourself slim today and thought some of their recipes looked lovely, maybe they should just be had in small portions, but i thought thats what we should be doing after our ops anyway really, having smaller portions. i say if your dietician says its ok then have a go they looked tasty to me x
Banana & blueberry muffins recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

I reccomend making sure your bananas are really ripe, browner the better really!

I frozen them, then just get one out the night before, and pop it in the oven to re heat, and have it warm...

I struggle with eating in a morning, and i tend to find if i have this, i dont end up eating more at lunch! :) and they are not overly sweet.

But if you are worried about the sugar (a lot of which is from fruit, as its only 100g of sugar for the lot... so thats like 8g per muffin, so the rest is from the fruit, it gives nutrition at the bottom) you could use splenda... you dont need 100g of it, there is a conversion on the box of splenda :)



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Hey Kirsty, what did the dietician say about your feelings towards food. I know that you have been watching every morsel that you put in your mouth, and you were also exercising a lot. We don't want you to be going the other way and becoming malnourished. The portion size that you can eat is so much smaller than before and your absorption ability is much less so you shouldn't have to be on a diet as such. You have to focus on what you CAN eat and not so much what you CAN'T eat. Try and make sure that what you eat is good for you, you have lost an awful lot already and we don't want you disappearing down the plug-hole!


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Thanks so much for sharing that recipe BypassBee.

I too love to bake, but since my surgery really struggle with what I can bake for me.

I've made chocolate brownies and chocolate chip cookies both with Splenda, and they were disgusting!!!

I shall give these a try this weekend.


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Kirsty i'm sorry you have had a difficult time both emotionally and physically recently. Its such a roller coaster of a journey we are all on and unless you have been there it can be difficult to have that understood! As Gillabean says you have to be careful that you don't become too obsessed with what you are eating. I initially was quite frightened to move onto the solid stage and whn i spoke to my dietician and nurse they both said to watch as wls patients can become caught up in too much worrying and in turn that effects weight loss! Not that i'm saying for a minute Kirsty that you are doing anything wrong just would like you to be able to relax and not worry. I have been very lucky and as my confidence grew i relaxed about eating, i have never counted calories or used protein shakes and i'm approaching a 9 stone weight loss in 9 months. I eat little and often and the foods that are maybe not so good i eat a much smaller portion of them than certain other foods and limit how often i eat them. It took me a while Kirsty to get the confidence in my "new way of life" and we are all different, my bypass has given me a whole new world and i still enjoy the odd treats long the way. I'm sure that confidence will come for you Kirsty and you will become more relaxed about your relationship with food! Big Hugs Hun xx
no problem pooks, i just had one for my breckie and im all full up, perfect size for me :)

As i said, when you break down how much sugar is in each one, it really isnt a lot, and some of it from fruit, so if you dont dump from fruit it might be okay... but if you do dump, and you are unsure, maybe just have half for a start and see how you go, you could always have it with a yogurt for example... :)

Make sure you cook them untill they look nice and golden, took me longer than it says to. I didnt do them long enough onces and they stuck to the cases!




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thanks for all the replies..

i will try them this weekend yum!

the dietitian said.. she thinks im slightly obsessed and i need to fins a happy medium. she said.. ive always had a eating disorder otherwise i wouldn't have got to the size i was. she said im recognizing what im doing wrong i just need to make positive steps to adjusting to my new life. she also said lots of people still join slimming groups as although the weight will come off they still need to manage what they eat and this is what works for them.. hence why im now going to give this online cook yourself thin thing ago! wish me luck :) x