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Kursty wursty some 7 week post op photos


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Tow post op. One with my gorgeous step daughter

And three pre op. From a while ago I don't have any recent photos to hand. I must look for some
Looking fab xx
Wow, I had to double check that the photos were of the same person. You look amazing. Well done! x
Wow! Such an incredible difference!!
Oh my word Kursty, you look amazing. X
You have done so well already......You look amazing...
Keep up the good job. x
Wow Kirsty
I had to look at these photos a couple of times, you don't look like the same person. One word FANTASTIC.
Kirsty. Found them!!!

Wo wow wow wow !!!! So impressed you look a million dollars! Well done ... Keep it all up. Your doing fab! You look like your nearly there !!!! Well done ! So chuffed for you xxxx
Banded almost half way there. I am 12st 11 and a half today :)

Want to get to around 9st 10. So lost 2 stone 8 and have another 3 stone to go :)

I total I am 3 and a half stone lighter than I was at my heaviest