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Lumpy liquid stage....


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I am sooooo bored of soup and yoghurt. (pre-op for two weeks, smooth liquid for two weeks and now half way through two weeks of lumpy liquid before I start two weeks of puréed food!)

I did cheat with some smooth soft scrambled egg because I needed to eat something different. Tasted great, no problems and didn't feel full. (I expected to feel full quickly)

Any ideas for lumpy liquid? Do you think very smooth mash with some gravy or similar would be ok?

3 wks post op BTW.


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You must follow your provider's instructions. This stage is for healing and you are really risking damaging yourself by pressing ahead early.


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To put it bluntly, if you don't follow your providers rules, you don't get to complain if and when something goes wrong.

You only have to do 2 weeks of each, you are lucky most providers ask for each stage to be 4 weeks.

Don't run until you can walk, as the old saying goes.



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Noted, thanks guys.

I was not intending to skip stages, just really looking for alternative yet suitable ideas!

The sad bit is that I finding it difficult to take more soup/yoghurt, so end up drinking water/coffee/NAS squash instead of eating. This can't be idea either.

I am seeing team in a few days so will ask for help then.


I'm just about to go on to what my hospital calls the pureed soft stage on Thursday. I'm tired of liquid its nearly 6 wks since I've actually chewed anything(including my 4 wk milk diet) and i'm sick of drinking with a straw(my surgeon insist his patients use one)

Did your provider not give you a suggested meal plan hun? you should give them a call and see if you are allowed some mash.

on mine from thursday i'm allowed weetabix,scrambled egg,mash and mashed veg but things like chicken,meat,pasta etc must be blended. I,m also allowed fish/Shepard pie but they do not need blending


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My doc says that in the puree stage(week 2, for 3 weeks) I can eat scrambled eggs(Lots of milk,lightly cooked or they go hard). When I tried it, OMG didn't sit well at all. So the fallowing evening I made them boiled and ate only the white, that when down ALOT easier. But you should ask your doc if it's ok for you. Good luck!


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The way I see it is that we only have to do these stages for a short period of time before we can eat "normally". Yes it's really hard at times. On my pre-op diet now day11, there have been times when I have just wanted to throw in the towel. There is only so much jelly and clear soup one can eat. While having an extensive internal argument with myself about what to do, cheat or nor cheat, I remind myself of how I felt at my heaviest, the breathlessness, the pain in my knees, being unable to walk far, the comments from other people, the stares, not being able to go to any shop I want for clothes, not being able to fit properly in the clothes I have and the damage I will continue to do to my body if I don't do something now? So I stop thinking about what I can't eat now or how boring it is and remind myself that life is hard on the diet but it is nothing compared to how hard it will be if I don't follow the plan and gain weight again. So whatever happens post-op I will remind myself that soon I can enjoy the things I really like and that they will taste all the better for persevering and that, as the saying goes, no pain no gain! Then I get another clear soup another jelly and occupy my mind with work, reading, TV or anything else that will make the day go and know it is another day nearer my first proper meal and my ultimate new me!