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Mr P Small and the Washington Spire....


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Has anyone else had their operations at the Washington Spire by Mr P Small? I know a few of you have been operated on at Sunderland by him, I am just curious what reputation the Spire as Washington has.

Many thanks


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Hi I'm under Mr Small at Sunderland, and can only praise him as a surgeon. However, My dad has just had a knee replacement at the spire and he had fab care, the rooms were lovely and the respect and care given by all the staff was wonderful. I do know someone who had a band I think when the spire was Bupa, and they are doing well. Good luck with what ever you decide x


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hi i only live a few miles from washington spire i did look at them when i decided to go privately for my band but when i phoned them about info etc there just didnt seem to be enough interest from them they sent out details etc but didnt ask if i needed any advice etc and their aftercare package wasnt up to much only 1 fill included the rest you pay for so after looking around more i decided on wlsg and it was the best decision they are great and their aftercare is second to none , i went to preston for my op and have my aftercare at a clinic at the silverlink xxheather


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Thanks for the replies. I have heard that Mr Small has an excellent reputation and even my GP was pleased to hear I had chosen to speak to him first, but it is a relief that someone has something good to say about the Washington Spire, and so far they have been very helpful and friendly, but there again all of the hospitals I contacted were lovely as they are all trying to get our pennies off us, it just finding one that still cares about you once they have our money!!!


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i was done by him nhs. so i can only comment from that experience and he has been brilliant and the nhs after care has also been good, but i dont know what the private side entails x


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hello i can not help on the hospital,but my surgeon is mr peter small and hes an amazing surgeon and a really nice man too good lluck with your decision x x x x

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Mr Small is my surgeon too at Sunderland. He is a really nice bloke and all the staff were fantastic. Dont know about Washington

Good luck