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my july wedding


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hi ladies iv just had my surgery 3 and a half weeks ago and lost 23 pounds already .....
anyway im getting married one 7th july next year and im super excited everything almost booked ... only thing im waiting to get is my wedding dress thats the bit im super super duper excited about i hope im a nice healthy size 14 for my wedding day xx were having a fairytale theme more disney then fairytale as i think it will be more fun anyway i just wanted to know if you ladies have any ideas xxx:p


A Very Happy Bunny
Ohhhh congratulations Stacey :D:D There are a few recent brides on here & I am sure they will have lots of ideas & suggestions for you xxx :):)


Love my sleeve!!
woohoo you are gonna look fab, trying on all those dresses is gonna be such a good day!!!! enjoy :) xxx


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you must go for Cinderella or Belle from beauty and beast coz you will be Bell of the ball xx


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Yeah my suggestion is an invite for all of us!!! Only in Bury so not far from you x My friend has a designer wedding dress shop and I love looking at all the beautiful dresses - wishing it was me!! But as I had my turn 21 years ago I guess I will just have to dream!! Got it right the first time so think I will stick with him xx Enjoy your months of planning - best time of your life xx