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My virtual model AVATAR


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I did some researching, and this one is for all the handsom and darling people we have on this site!

As most of you know, theres a site that allows you do to a virtual model. For those who do not know it its:


So here are the instructions to setting your AVATAR as your virtual model

Step 1: Go to any retailer that has the MVM feature.
Step 2: Sign in with your MVM account.
Step 3: Right click on your model and choose the "properties" option.
Step 4: Right click on the address that starts with "http://model.mvm.com/compositor?" and choose "select all".
Step 5: The entire address should now be highlighted. Right click on the selected URL and choose "copy".
Step 6: Go to MiniMins.com and sign in
Step 7: Go to userCP
Step 8: Click into the box under Enter Avatar URL:
[Note: In order for this to work, you must see .lpf at the end of the entire address.]
Step9: Right click->Paste , and click save

you should now have a my virtual model as your avatar!



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You see my orange, and yellow thing on the left, thats under my nick, thats my avatar..

others have various different pictures.

So any pictures under your name, in the blue bar on the left, is an avatar.

It can be set by going to userCP -> edit avatar.