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nervous or excited


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hi my name is moe and i am going to have a gastric band on the 21st august, i have not told anyone about the op as i am a little embarrased about needing surgery to loose weight.

i am 5ft 2in and weigh over 13stones, i know i am not morbidly obese yet i am obese and i feel my eating is becoming out of control and i am putting on roughly about a stone a year so something has to be done.

i am going up to dolan park in bromsgrove if someone is outhere could you tell me about the sort of things you can eat when the band has settled down.

will i be looking at eating the same as my 7 year old daughter, and what if we go out for a meal will i just have a starter for my main meal?

so many questions would be grateful for any answers

thanks moe:)


Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!