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November Challenge... Lets Go!!!


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Hey everyone knows how it goes, I'm 29st 2lbs, il love to be 28st by the end of November.... Good luck everyone xxx


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I'm 15st12lbs and would love to be 15st7lb or less by end of November. Roll off those 5lbs.



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Hi - my WW weighin today put me at 82 lbs lost, so I want to be a centurian by Xmas - 8 more weeks. Therefore my November challenge is to lose 11 lbs, leaving 7 more for the December 3 weeks. This will also put me in the teens for the first time in 10 years!

Dee friel

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Hi , i am new to this one but here goes, i am 18.6 on my new scales ( was 18.2 on my old ones and i hate my new ones with a vengence but my old pair broke on wednesday). I would like to be into the 16's by the end of November but i need to be realistic so i am going to say 14 lbs and aim for 17 stone 6 . Fingers crossed .


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I'm 13st 6lb today and I would love to be in the 12's by the end of November x


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i am 18st 3 as of this morning (73lbs to get to goal). Would like to be 17st 9 by end of November

Miss Tickle

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Right. Having failed to achieve my October goal by 1lb I'm going to really go for it this month ! I'm sure that my post op window of opportunity has started to close already so I'm going to have to actually make an effort. So it's drink lots more water and exercise properly this month for me. And I hope to lose 14lbs plus the pound I missed last month. So -by the end of November I'd like to be ( big gulp) 17st 3lbs .
I'm 18st 4lbs today.

Good luck everyone xxx
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Been weighed today and list 5lb this week so down to 15.2 I originally said wanted to be in 14s so iam going to be optimistic and say 14.7 by end of november.


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Been weighed to day and down another 4lbs, total since heaviest 200lbs total since start July 114lbs so 8st 2lbs am happy and now am in the 28st bracket

Good luck this week xx


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Neeta said:
My challenge is to start to loose some - half a stone would be good so long as it just starts to come off. Pretty please :p

And I have my holiday in Lanzarote to look forward to too.

Ooooh holiday in the sun u lucky thing..... Any lose is better then a gain thou hunnie xx


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I was at 15st 3 at the beginning of Nov, target to be at 14st 11 by December? hopefully :)