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November Challenge... Lets Go!!!

Miss Tickle

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Congrats Jemma-you are rocking this wl lark. Think u r losing as fast as me and I've had the op !
I weigh 17st 6lbs this morning so unless I miraculously lose 3 lbs by Wednesday I'm going to have failed to meet my target. Will weigh in again on Wednesday though .
It's not over till the fat lady .....

happy days

New Member
Haylz6 said:
I have no idea what's up with me atm, I think it's cos my journey is so long and I still have soo much too go it's just getting to me xx

Haylz your doing fantastic just remember your going in the right direction. New year new slim haylz xx

Dee friel

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Didn't quite make it - lost 13 lb for the month and wanted 14 lb , not too far off so i wont cry for too long. Now for December...

Miss Tickle

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And I hope to lose 14lbs plus the pound I missed last month. So -by the end of November I'd like to be ( big gulp) 17st 3lbs .
I'm 18st 4lbs today.

Woe is me- but only a bit woe! I didn't lose 15lbs in November but then it was a bit ambitious. I lost 13lbs altogether and am 17st 6lbs this morning :)
Well done everyone xx


Finally in love with life
Hi - my WW weighin today put me at 82 lbs lost, so I want to be a centurian by Xmas - 8 more weeks. Therefore my November challenge is to lose 11 lbs, leaving 7 more for the December 3 weeks. This will also put me in the teens for the first time in 10 years!

Did it! Despite putting on 6lbs in the 24 hours post-op, I weigh today 19st 7lbs which is 3 better than the 11lb loss I tasked myself with losing by the end of November.

I'm now well into my 'teens', and I feel so much better about myself - in control, focused, and a delighted loser!


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well done to everyone who made their goal - unfortunately my weight has remained at 17st 12, so missed by 3lbs but happy enough cos I have upped my levels at the gym and down to a size 18 for the 1st time in decades (from a 32)

Miss Tickle

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That's even better than losing those 3lbs Twink. Well done to you !!


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I haven't weighed in today but when I last weighed in I'd met my target plus 1lb..... I'm happy at 27st 13lbs only 13lbs to go to hit 10st since 1st July and too hit my Xmas target...... well done to everyone this month xx


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Weighed in at 15st12lb at beginning of month and aim was to get to 15st7lbs or less. Sneaky mid-week weigh shows me at 15st1lb - yeah :) well done every one on their successes