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October 2014 Surgeries

Angie E

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Hi all, I hope I have done this right, me about 4 weeks and the one after is my highest weight not very good pictures but you get the idea.

Angie E x
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So October lot were almost there ! Well done to each of you, celebrate those successes and forget the hurdles x

Thanks all for encouragement and inspiration and I'll keep using this to reach my personal goals x

Angie E

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Hi all,
I don't know if there are many of you still around on this site but we are all coming up or some already to our one year anniversary. It would nice to share experiences to learn and support each other such as our eating habits, struggles, self doubts, motivations and the positive changes we have made or plan to make in the forthcoming months or year. Also what we have learnt about losing weight. Does the surgery work??

Don't feel afraid to post something negative about your experiences, I am aware that some of us have gone off course not hitting our expected target, please share because we can all learn from this and support each other.
I shall come back to report my journey ups and downs shortly when one year is up.

Please post away... Angie XX

Share your experiences.

Angie E

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Hi all,

A year has gone and thought I should feedback to you all what I have learnt throughout this process.

First let me start with some stats, I started off at 21 stones, lost around 2 stones prior surgery. My surgery day was 15 October 2014. I was a size 24 (M&S or Evans), bust 42J, now I'm a size 12-14, size12 top and 14 bottoms, bust size 34E!!
Yesterday I had my year review and they informed me that I lost 85% of my excess body weight. I now weigh in at 12.8Ibs with only 12Ibs left to target... So I'm very happy. I given myself 6-8 months to get there, but I'm in no rush now as I'm very happy with my progress. And happy with my size...

I have learnt that the scales is not the best indicator of weight lost. I was 13.8Ibs for 2.5 months and went down a size and lost inches off my bust, waist and thighs. The best indicator of weight lost is a tape measure and your clothes getting loose.

I have learnt that exercise is the key to aiding weight lost, I started moving 2 hours after surgery to go to the toilet and after being discharge home I walked around the house every 2 hours, making cups of tea, dinner, up the stairs and down the stairs, nothing strenuous. 6 days later I was walking outside for 10 -15 minutes and increased my time walking by another minute, 3-4 times a week. Week 2, I was walking 30 minutes, 3 – 4 times per week.

I went to the gym week 6 and started to power walk on the treadmill with 2Ib's of weights in each hand for 10 minutes. No stomach exercise for me too afraid to cause any damage at that stage. Then week 8, I jogged and week 10 – 11 I started to run for 10 minutes, then 15, then 20 minutes. I introduced kettle bells classes once a week.
Now I work out 3-4 days a week for 35 – 1hr, now running for 40 with 5Ibs of weights with the treadmill on the inclined or using a stair-master for 10-15 minutes and using the kettle bells to tone up. I don't have much loose skin to worry about – thank god. The gym is not for everyone but I would suggest building exercise into your weekly or daily activity.

I have learnt not to compare myself to others, people lose weight at different rate depending on their starting weight etc.

I have learnt that its OK to go off course, once a month or sometimes a week, I allow myself a ice cream, biscuit, fish and chips, sweets, pop corn, the list is endless. I don't see like I have failed or done something, wrong, I eat it enjoy and just get back on track the next day or the following week. I took pictures at the start of my WL journey and review them all the time as a reminder of how big I was and don't want to go back. the

This is very important to advice!!

I have learnt to listen to stomach, I eat from a small side plate, I don't drink with my food and I always stop eating when I'm full. If I can't finish my meal in one seating, I go back an hour later to finish it off but I have always watch my portions on the plate.

I carry small snack with me everyday, hummus with carrots, banana, cashew nuts or almonds, protein shake, Ryvita with cottage cheese or small pieces cheese, this regulates my sugar level and stops me from snacking wrong types of food...

Oh yes, I have learnt that you loose weight quickly between month's 1 – 8, then your body weight slows down, my advice is just to keep going, if you are following the diet correctly then there's no need to panic. If not, then go back to basics, what your surgeon or dietitian told you about your eating plan, but it is important to watch you calorie intake. I now eat 1600 per day and that's because of my exercise routine.

I will try and load on my latest picture, once I figured out how to do it again.

Good luck everyone....and share your story..


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Hi Angie, you are doing so well,, and so nice to hear from you.. I am too doing well.. Couldn't get to my year weight in on 17th October with hosp as my daughter had starting to have seizures and been very busy with her..
But am feeling good about having the surgery and my progress.. I started 22st 8lbs lost 4 stone on my own but then started to gain again, I was referred to ashford hospital where I weighed in at 20.1 but though LSD diet went down to 18.8lbs had surgery on 17th October and I am now 11st 1lbs.. Which I still have to pinch myself it's real and sometimes panic it's a dream and I am going to wake up fat..lol
I am very like you strict with the rules, I respect them but sometimes have a treat as I do enjoy a handful of peanut m&m's..
I have had to easy the gym as now with my daughter she gives me enough exercise with all the running around but do enjoy going to gym and swim.. Never thought I say that!!!
This year has gone so quick but am so looking forward to the years to come where I don't have to carry my old body around...
Please keeps us updated and will keep checking back..
Love to u all...
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