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November 2014 Surgeries

It is a year ago that I had my revision surgery. It has been very bitter sweet. I am feeling a bit depressed about things so I will not post more. It had been a rough journey but I think worth it overall. I hope my fellow November oppers are all well. I am sorry not many of you posted to mark the year since surgery but I hope you are all doing well.

Best wishes

Thanks all agree with Suzie and you all its hard and yes I too should have lost more . I don't come here often but its prob because we feel we don't need the support like pre op but i think its important to have support of not to gain even if i say it my self...... I am one year out now with a loss of 6.5 stone since seeing surgeon so i know not to sound ungrateful should have done more but 2016 can i lose at least 2-3stone more at least then i will be happy with that weight! That will take me down to 13 stones roughly! So lets pray we all continue to lose and not gain! Love to you all please keep in touch even if its from time to time like me sorry if i sound hypocritical as i don't come here much my self! Live yu all NOVEMBER 2014 class xx
Wow look at you all doing so well great to see xxx
Omg Pippa you look fab xx
Pippa girl. Just one word...... Wow!

Thanks Kirsty! I'm sorry I've been a bit quiet, particularly through your troubles. Hope you're on the mend now and well done on the bandless losses. If you're not entirely over the wls thing I have to say I would thoroughly recommend a sleeve! Would love another meet up if you're up for it xx