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Hi all,

I have created a photogallery just for WLSurgery. It can be accessed by clicking on "Gallery" just to the right of UserCP (top left). Or each individuals set of pictures by clicking on "so and so's photogallery" (See just under the avatar).

We have done some unique things with it.

A gallery called "Random Photogallery Images (PUBLIC!!)" exists in the Photogallery.

This gallery is unique in that 4 images are randomly selected from it and placed at the bottom of the front page of WLSurgery just above a list of online members. You can upload and remove pictures as you wish and for best results I would suggest giving a good description of the image, and for even better feedback if you can get a side-by-side image so people see before/after that is even better.

Of course I will remove the stock photos from the Gallery once it becomes popular.

We also have categories for various different surgeries so you can post your pics specific to the surgery you have done.

Now, the galleries are private (with the exception of the random gallery), guests and google cannot look through them at will. You need at least 50 posts.

Having said that if somebody has a direct link to that image -anybody- on the internet can see it so long as they have that link.

If you have any questions, let me know and I will try to answer them best as I can.

Surgical weight loss gallery - WLSurgery.com



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Nice idea Pierce


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Thanks Pierce


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Thanks and used :)

I don't know if you wanted to put your pics in the random gallery or not, but this is a small screenshot to show that you have to select the particular section to upload to.



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thanks Pierce, ive added some too x