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Post work out snacks


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Hello exercisers...

Just wondering if any of you supplement your diet post gym workout?

I had some pure guarana powder before hand today and a protein cookie with 37g protein in it and I've just got home and had 60g of prawns with a little salad for dinner - up to 95g of protein today but wonder, is that enough if I'm doing quite a big workout with 45min cardio and weights?

It's such a balancing act this whole looking after yourself health and wellbeing business, a completely new way of living and I'm loving it!


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Stacey. Everything I eat mostly is protein or green veg. Your prawn snack sounds lovely. I have been looking at the protein bars too


I'd also like to know what people use post bypass for drinks during long runs. I was using either diluted fruit juice or sports drink with my band but am worried about dumping post bypass.
If I'm only sipping, maybe that will still be ok?


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I tend to stick to good old protein shakes, I use Syntrax as they are more like fruit juice/squash than a milk shake. I sometimes whizz them up with frozen berries, bit of green tea, maybe a spoonful of oatbran

Caroline jess

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Do you have carbs, it's important to not be on a too low carb diet if you are doing a lot of excercise. Especially post work out I.e sweet potato and chicken. Apple and peanut butter, good quality protein powder that's not too low carb etc


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I've only started to exercise properly in the last 3-4 weeks and I do a home made smoothie before I leave the house ..
Banana and strawberry whizzed up skimmed milk and ice and a measure of whey protein powder..
It gives me a really satisfying brekkie with a great protein hit..
I used the shop bought protein drinks when I was first post op but really couldn't bear the taste of them after a while..
I also use blue berries raspberries etc .. Whatever fruit is in the fridge really and the protein powder is unflavoured so it can go in anything I put in the nutri ninja ...
It's having a good impact on my weight losses too as I am losing 2-3lbs a week again after a very long stall...