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Race for life 2010 or any other charity run


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Well ladies and Gents some of you may know but myslef and the lovely Sambucca have entered ourselves into our local race for life in June. I have attacehed my sponsorship page for those who wish to sponsor me. We plan on running the 5k one this year and are looking at doing the 10k next year.

Are there any more of you lovely sadistic people who have entered yourselves into something similar. If so why not post a liitle bit about it here and the link to your sponsor page.


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Here is my reason behind why I am doing race for life. I lost my nan to cancer coming up to 5 years ago now, she was my rock and I spent all the time I could with her and she has never got to see my youngest daughter, how my eldest is turning out to be as a young women or the fact that at the age of 36 I will be starting university to pursue my dream career. There have also been numerous friends and other family members along the way including my best friend who at the age of 34 had to have her leg amputated because of a rare form of knee cancer. Two years on she still has to undergo testing on a regular basis and constantly lives with the fear of it returning. She is a wonderful mother of 3 children, 18, 12 and 11. She is one of the most inspirational women I have had the pleasure of meeting. For these 2 exceptional women I am going to do this race and raise as much money as I can in the hopes that a cure can be found and that my children and their children may live to see a cure for this cruel disease. Please click on the link and sponsor me for as much as you can give.

Race for Life - Tesmaralda's Fundraising Page


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Thanks for starting this thread Terri. Race for Life is for an excellent cause, and cancer has touched so many peoples lives. I have posted my reasons for doing the race in my diary, and am glad to be running alongside one of my best friends.

To anyone else who is thinking of doing the race for life, please feel free to post the link to your sponsorship page in your signature. I have attached a copy of the links policy so you are all aware of what is and is not allowed.


Good luck to anyone who is taking part.


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I am going to register for the race for life, but I haven't yet. I am trying to find someone to do it with me!

So if anyone is in the northeast and fancies meeting up a few times per week for training and doing it with me, please let me know xxx