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Sleeve in Belgium?


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Hi there, apologies - i had posted this on another page, but think it's best suited to this page!

i was wondering if anyone had had their wls in Belgium? I initially went to a private appointment in Glasgow with a view of getting the band. To cut a long story short, I wasn't happy with the consultation and after this I spoke to someone who ended up going for the full gastric bypass. I agree with her... The thought of a 400 mile round trip for various band fills would be a nightmare!

After doing masses of research, I decided the sleeve would probably be the best option for me. The company that I initially decided to go for have told me that it has a cost of £9450, however I've seen that there is a Dr Chris debruyen that offers the same surgery in Belgium for 6500euros (which is approx £4800).

I've been in contact with Frederick from Belgium surgery services and have filled out the medical questionnaire. They've said that I would be more suitable for the sleeve or mini bypass given that my bmi is not too high.

Has anyone been to Belgium for their surgery? How did you get on? Was the journey back horrific? How much aftercare do you need post-sleeve?

Any information/help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Indy x
I'm really interested in how you got on. I am now seriously trying to weigh up the pros and cons of going abroad. I would be paying for it privately and have £5000 saved so reality is I need to go abroad but would love info/advice on who did go abroad and how it went etc.


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Yes I had an RNY bypass in March, best thing I ever did

Lynn x