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Suggestions for CBT.


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Im starting CBT to try and combat my residual obsessional issues with food, my fear of regain, and my changing body image. The therapist has asked me to find a way we can measure my progress. I have absolutely no idea! So wondered if anyone has any good suggestions.?


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Well maybe its a recognisable change in the way you deal with situations?


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Hi fjsinc

As food is often connected to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour you could try a simple thought record. This would compare how you deal with negative thought patterns and your resulting behaviour ie wanting to eat carbs after an argument with your partner. In time the record will show different patterns and how your behaviour, feelings and thoughts change over time spent in therapy.

Hope this helps :)


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The sessions arent actually for BDD. We have agreed that on the whole im dealing with my body image relatively well now. Its more to do with me not trusting my impulses when it comes to food. She asked me to think of something subjective, that is also quantifiable, so that it was something I could relate to. But in the end, I said I was happy to write a diary of events, emotions and behaviour.