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Sunderland Referral - How long?


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Hi all,

I've been referred to Sunderland by my GP, and received the referral letter where I selected a date online for my seminar on the 20th December.....but I've not heard anything since. I haven't even had a confirmation letter through to say I'm invited to the seminar. Does this mean I haven't been successful, or do they generally take a while to send confirmation letters?

I know it's only the 12th November but I booked this online around a month ago. I've done so much research and I've got my heart set on WLS now so the wait is killing me.

Anybody who has been through their journey with Sunderland and can relate would be grately appreciated!!


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hi you my have had your surgery by now but I think the semier is just the start of the process I think its a group set semier