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THG - 21st July 2017 - Dolan Park - Dr Super


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I've been reading the forums etc for the last month or two and would like to say a big thank you to everyone. I have found the posts a fantastic source of information and they certainly helped support my decision to go ahead and book in to have a band fitted.

I have got a surgery date of 21st July 2017 at Dolan Park with Dr Super.

The F2F I had at Newcastle was very good. The staff were friendly and able to answer my long list of questions. I was able to book the date I wanted with the surgeon I wanted. I also received an information pack and a patient book which contains lots of info.

Today I had a call from the nurse just giving me an update saying she had written to my GP for information about my medication (just pain meds for back) and for any blood pressure reading history they had (my BP was a tiny bit raised on the F2F day). She also said she would be the one doing my fills. She is going to give me a call in a fortnight to give me an update.

I will keep popping on and updating as I know how interesting everyone's post are to me and my journey so hopefully mine will help someone.

Thanks for reading