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What are your guilty/fun pleasures?


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Just wanted to inject yet more silliness sooo

What are your guilty pleasures? The things you enjoy but believe are probably not too good for you? Or just little fun daft things that cheer you up ? Yes including what decadent edible pleasures you fancy on your treat day as we don't dump!

I like a nice smattering of schmaltzy TV, like "The Biggest Loser Australia", "Extreme Makeovers" and "How Clean is your house"...oh and plus awesome TV like "The IT Crowd" & "Being Human"

Also I watch the history channel a lot :eek:

Also love watching cartoons with my kids
(specially Pokemon, Chowder and Spongebob)

Mad on studio Ghibli films as well and we have most of them , I love "Howls Moving Castle", "Spirited Away" and "Kiki's delivery service"!

Dash games,strategy games and RPGS
Second life Virtual Worlds, Avatars, free 3D chat, online meetings - Second Life Official Site

Final Fantasy games - awesome and great eye candy (points to my little signature mascots)

World of warcraft
Blizzard Entertainment: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Chocolate face packs

Caramel / praline and pecan ice cream

Cream Slices

Roast potatoes!!!

Joan Jett ( yeah she was ma hero)

Duran Duran, yep I was a duranie and loved John Taylor...I was crushed when I heard he liked blondes though..my poor little heart

80's and early 90's hair metal \m/

Raspberry ruffles


Coconut and vanilla bathtime smellies

hmmm...... dancing around the house to loud music and singing badly.

What about you lot???
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George michael, Wham, Full fat lattes, Wham, Glee, Wham, Jeremy Kyle, Ben and Jerrys Phish food.......oh and did i mention WHAM xxx


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Rock music for me , Make up, Clothes, Flowers, Rose wine,I change me hair colour every other week too lol,and goes without saying my family :)


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My guilty pleasure is watching all the trash programmes on E! and MTV, like Keeping up with the Kardashians and 16 & Pregnant.
I'm addicted. The shame!


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Ohhhhhh chowder!!!!!!!! I love that! And sponge bob!
Mm let me see, jezza Kyle! No week day morning would be the same wthout him!
Bonjovi mm love em and jon gets better with age!
Gavin and stacey, OBEM junior doctors biggest loser...
Singing at the top of my voice when house is empty!
Anything 80s AHA Morton harket! I had a full size poster of him and I admit to practising my snogging on him ;-)



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Lol gotta love the trash TV...OMG sometimes you can find yourself watching some tosh and yet you can't look away...
I was watching a bit of that "working girls" the other night...where rich pampered girls have to go work...OMG I was appalled and captivated at the same time!!! Bit like the roman colluseum I expect haha

yay I love it! I'm not the only rock chick!!!! Huzzar :D

Ooh yes I think I had a poster of Morten :D Schwing!!!!

OK I admit I love lambrini......there I said it!!!!!


My guilty pleasure - my boys Jared and Jenson - I'm old enough to be their mum but I love love love Supernatural


Sarah Metcalf

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Rocky Horror Picture Show, Little Shop of Horrors, Beetlejuice, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Glee

Any comic book movies - X-Men, Spiderman, etc

Good quality icecream, esp B&J

Really cheap sweeties that look like smarties but don't taste like them


Having quiet time

Reading xx


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Yay Sarah!!! Some awesome ones !!
I love Grease and Hairspray

OH and disney toons as well...I love Tangled :D

I remember getting Marks & Spencer belgian chocolate coated cornflakes........Oh my word !!!
And M&S gooey carrot cake...I went in the other day hoping for a slice and they only do it now as a big cake to order for celebrations :(

Miss hungry

7 stone lighter!
Jeremy Kyle (so wrong), Ben and jerrys cherry garcia, most haunted (bought all the boxsets) Being human...mitchel from being human! copias amounts of pg tea, jelly sweets, eating my childrens easter eggs (wont be doing that anymore) harry potter on audio cd's, and....being lazy!


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Oh Yeah!!! I can see a theme with this ben n jerrys girls!!!
Hah yeah most haunted was essential viewing...remember the dick turpin live edition..I fell off the sofa laughing

OMG Mitchell!! Schwing!!!!! I wonder how the new series will be now

I might have an easter egg... timed for my treat day... I think the ferrero rocher one might not be allowed though...unless I offer to share it with OH!!!!


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ohoh ! ... Most Haunted! ... i met derek he kissed me ! have to say he smelt divine !!!!!!!!! .......

Loved mosthaunted and TAPS .. anything ghostly or paranormal, sally morgan to been to see her twice ..

oh and rockyhorror dont get me started ! .... :D:D:D:D ..

my one guily secret though is a man i kinda like in a awwww love em kinda way is david jason :) .. i could just cuddle him! .... lol


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ohoh ! ... Most Haunted! ... i met derek he kissed me ! have to say he smelt divine !!!!!!!!! .......

Loved mosthaunted and TAPS .. anything ghostly or paranormal, sally morgan to been to see her twice ..

I love these programs too , I actually met david jason in new york back in 2002, my hubby and I was in a bar and he heard our accents and offered too buy us a drink , how sweet was that !!

Miss hungry

7 stone lighter!
I always imagined that Derek Acorah smells like fags and gin!
I do love most haunted and I'm gutted it finished. It was very funny.
Oh..and I nearly cried when mitchell died in being human. Did you notice that Herrick said that he might relocate to Wotton under edge? That is just up the road from me! Good job he was staked!


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Come Dine with Me and a glass of wine in one hand and cashew nuts in the other! Having bath really early and getting in my jammies and vegging out with Heat or Now!!!