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What are your guilty/fun pleasures?


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Ah if only it were true!! I haven't bought it yet though.....
That's why I thought I would mention it in the guilty pleasures bit.........blasted easter eggs!!! grrr


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Neen I notice how you said "I havnt bought it YET"
Nooooooooo don't do it !!! Easter is another chance to scoff! You don't need it! Let this egg find it's way to sombody elses hips! ;-) xxxxx
Compramise and get a teeny egg :) XX


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I have roasties, not all the time but as long as the meat is tender and you go steady, you should be ok.
The only difference for me personally is a smaller portion.
Everyone has slight differences on tolerances but it's one of those trial and error things.
I had my Xmas dinner with everything and just ate really slow and it was fine x

Miss hungry

7 stone lighter!
Christmas dinner is my favourite meal. It will be nice this xmas to have smaller portions and no rubbish, then I won't gain a stone over the xmas period like I usally do and won't feel sick all day but feel like I have to keep eating!


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It is still possible to gain if you eat a lot of naughties for the whole Christmas period, I didn't do too well the one just gone...mainly due to a record number of bottles of Baileys I expect!!!
However, things like roast potatoes you probably won't find you eat often and so a couple small ones for a special occasions , cut into teeny bits and well chewed, usually are OK.
If you start with really tiny amounts as well you should be able to enjoy a little taster of your old faves but the amounts will be so much less and hopefully you will enjoy it overall more because you won't be stuffed to the gills all through it.

I can only have one little mince pie for example, where before I could easily eat 2 or 3 without really thinking about it.

Plus you will be so much more into going out and glamming up at that time of year etc you will find that some of the goodies you can take or leave.
That's a nice feeling x


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Ben & Jerrys Phish food
Twilight (Team Edward) schwing!!
Lazy pyjama days
AHA - I saw them twice in concert back in the day, my bedroom was covered in posters, even the ceiling...I was obsessed!
Waking the Dead (Trevor Eve is a bit old for me but there is somthing about him, yum)
Sky True Movies :cry:
Keeping Up Appearances - My Husband thinks I have a bit of Mrs Bucket in me :p
Take Aways - Chinese/Indian
Gavin & Stacey
Matthew Mcconaughey
Gerard Butler :love:


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Yes me too but I'm ready to give them up completely if need be. I was trying to think of non food ones but kept getting drawn back to them.. it just shows food and pleasure are so closely linked! (well for me anyway)

Before I got so big I used to enjoy an hour at or 2 at the gym then a sauna and a nice swim. I was never a big fitness fanatic but it was a lovely feeling at the end all clean and refreshed.. I will get there again, I will I will, I will x


Not going anywhere!
Got me thinking there Neen - Nothing nicer (now I can) than luxuriating in a lovely smelly bubble filled bath, I have the radio, or my ipod playing something soft and soothing.
You can spend as much time as you like.....who cares if you look like an old prune after! The skin soon fills out again.

Then putting on some fresh clean pj`s and climbing into a bed that are fresh and clean also......I always have the best nights sleep after!

Can`t beat it!

Love Kat x


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Kat that has got me thinking. I have not taken a bath for such a long time - I hasten to add I do have showers:D.

Might go and pop in now and see how well I fit - will take in the ipod and speakers and relax...bliss.

tranquil x


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Ooh I would love a bath! Showers only for me tho..

I do fit (just) but I only need about 5cm of water or it spills over the side :rotflmao:


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You have that first magical proper comfy bathtime to look forward to! I think make it a real celebration to spur you on!
Get a nice basket and treat yourself to bits and bobs for it when you can afford to.
Bath bombes, lovely body lotions, Bubbly bath, yummy soaps (I love the ones from LUSH) , face packs, Hair treatments...the works!!
If you can tolerate it a mini bottle of some nice alkihol :)...scented candles in your fave smells...and even a big fluffy new bath sheet towel to use exclusively for that first proper..fit in nicely bath...

And then when the day comes , make sure your loved ones give you some peace for an hour and go enjoy a fantastic treat x