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What's in your trolley? Great band food finds


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Thanks Mixxy! Like the look of them!


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Handy for lunchtimes as a bread alternative
Melba toasts, these are 75 cals per little pack of 6. They are very filling but do not usually get stuck like regular bread and have a nice ultra thin crispy texture.
Tesco Light Choices Melba Toast 200G - Groceries - Tesco Groceries

Thanks for this Neen. I bought some melba toast from Asda (their own brand) only to look at the label when I got home and they were 57 calories a slice:eek:. I had (wrongly) assumed they would all have roughly the same calorific value. I do not like shopping in Tescos but may have to make an exception and get some of these when I am back on solids.

tranquil x


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This is all so useful - thanks!

Will be watching this thread with interest over the next few months ;-)


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mullers freeze???? wow im stocking up!


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Last night i discovered bovril.

Im a savory food eater and this really hit the spot last night.

Per teaspoon with boiling water is:-

Typical ValuesTypical values per 12g serving-Energy91kJ/21kcal-Protein4.7g-Carbohydrate0.4g-of which sugars0.2g-Fat0.1g-of which saturatestrace-Fibrenil-Sodium0.60g-Salt1.53g

Cant wait for another cup at lunch time.

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I like to sprinkle on my grub some Knorr Aromat all purpose savoury seasoning,, nice and unhealthy (loads of salt) lol


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Season all is great on everything meat, pots etc just makes everything taste yummy.
Good one for sweet tooth quork cheese (very low cal & low fat) with a spoonful of nutella or lemon curd lovely. For a savoury version add a small amount of blue cheese. All versions best left in the fridge over night before eating as it brings the flavour out. Then any of these can be spread on Melba toast or Dutch crispbread x