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What's in your trolley? Great band food finds

Thanks guys xxx
Excellent tip Mandy! Never thought about flavouring quark before !

Got to watch the salt though as it stops you losing weight !
Season all is salt free I think...but a little spice and herbs help a huge amount x
They do melba toast in Morrisons too TB, thats were I usually get mine from. Love the black pepper ones with some hummous x
Does anyone like snack a jacks? The large ones are on offer in Morrisons at the moment £1 a pack. The salt and vinegar ones are 41 calories and very, very filling. Gotta be better than crisps!

I find the caramel ones taste like pop corn - so good for the sweet cravings.

Eat slowly though banders, they are 'hard' to eat if that makes sense?!

Yumm x
They are lovely Neen. I bring some with me when Im working away, stops trips to vending machine! My boot is always full of slim fast, melba toast, water and now snack a jacks!
Quorn mince is good, pieces are ok if I chew loads. Had quorn sausages stuck twice :-(

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I always carry small lock'n'lock tupperware boxes with grapes, Carrs Water crackers and some unsalted mixed nuts with me - to snack on when needed.
I've found Sainsburys sesame breadsticks this week. They're good to eat for a savoury crunch. ..and only 22 cals each. They're dry too- harder to eat than crisps so are great for bandits. In fact I had 2 with a cup of coffee last night and had to stop drinking cos they were hard to get down!!! Not bad for a small snackette :) I like a wee snack at night sometimes- its not a hunger thing- its a relaxing thing...at least its lower calorie than a glass of white wine!!!
Thought I would share today I had John West tuna I fusions with chilli and garlic. Would do 2 meals I think and is lovely and filling :)
My dietician recommended banana on Ryvita with a little butter/marg it's lovely and very filling. Also handy as I drive a lot with work so I can take it in the car with me. Tried the sweet chilli sauce mentioned on here with sad etc it's so tasty!