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3 years on, now and then

Miss hungry

7 stone lighter!
Hey, it's been a long time. Yesterday was my band's three year birthday so I thought I'd give a quick update.
Three years ago I was over 19st and utterly miserable with zero confidence.
I am now 14st, and yes I know I could be much slimmer but I'm not going to lie, I have a food addiction and having the band has not made any difference to that. I still have a problem with binge eating and the self loathing aftwards.
BUT...although I'm still considered overweight, I am soooo much happier. I actually do feel like a different person. I am happy and confident and I scrub up well. I can shop anywhere and I don't stand out for the wrong reasons anymore. I'm not always the fattest person in the room. And when you have previously been 19st and a size 24, 14st and a size 16 is bloody fab!
Although I still struggle everyday with food, I think having the band was the best thing I have ever done for myself.




Shrinking For Sophie
Hi Karen and welcome back. Lovely truthful update to where you are now :)
You look lovely hun :). An amazing difference and well done on maintaining despite the food addictions. Like any addiction I suppose we will never be fully cured & It's all a case of controlling it with some days better than others.xx


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Personally hon i think you look REALLY fit!!! You have a really bonnie face and now a body to match. Congratulations to you on your losses and keep up the fight :)


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You look fab :) xx


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well done hun! you look amazing and you should feel so proud of your achievements your happy! Above anything this is what i want to be like! x x


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From one Karen to another - you look great and well done on what you've achieved with the band and in your losses.

We sometimes joke how nice it would be if the band went around our mouths or our brains, it really doesn't take away the "issues" or the relationships with food which can be super tough.

Great going :)


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So good to see your update Karen as I was following in your footsteps when I first joined the forum. Totally agree with you, I still have issues with food afterall they were with me for over forty years. but am happy with the band, so even if I give in to those issues from time to time, its definitely in a controlled manner. You look fab x

los in it

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welcome back its good when people return and give us all an update
keep on posting as and when you can


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You look fantastic! It's brilliant to read about someone who loses weight and is happy where they are, it gives me hope that at some point I'll get to a happy place:)


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Hi Karen!

Lovely to see an update from you and hear you are a happy bander, as the others have said and I agree, the band doesn't cure our head issues though hey? xx


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Thanks for posting this Karen.

I've been feeling nervous about my food addictions and wondering if I'm doing the right thing, but the fact that you've lost the weight, acknowledged your down-falls and are still happy has made me happy and I feel like I'm doing the right thing now.

I don't care if I'm never a size 10, but I just don't want to be a size 24 anymore. x


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A great post and you look fab. I agree the band doesn't solve a lot of the head stuff but you are proof that it can really help if we work at it. Thanks x


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This is beautiful to read. Food addiction and under lying head issues are the crux of these horrible disease we get wrapped up in that makes us so unhappy ... I would like to tell you I think your beautiful. Your face is glowing Nd to look at you and see how much happier you look is amazing and inspirational . To the outside world u look like a confident beautiful
Woman. Well done and hold your head high- u have done amazing x x