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A very important announcement.

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Wow I am shocked at what I have not noticed. Thank you for the info and all members for support. If it was not for this forum I would be lost on my journey. X


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I think its time to consider bringing this thread to a close now as its going round in circles.

It does seem to be going round in circles....maybe it is time to close the thread?

Yes please can we now close this thread so I can get some work done around the house.:D
I have been popping on and off all day just to keep up with this important thread.
Now hubby wants a clean shirt :rolleyes: :D


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Actually it was Jane who you called a 'mouthpiece' but I feel that anyone who dares to have the opposite opinion is being lumped into the same category as those who have been banned and this upsets me greatly as I haven't been involved in anything other than offering support to others. This thread should be closed as it is no longer constructive.


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getting in before thread closed

wow....seems MENTAL...im so grateful to be part of Neen's little crew!! its a little haven for us banders :) had nothing but support and care there...and totally clueless about the undercurrents.

Kelly u will be fine im sure. get well soon x

guess the mods knew what they were doing. so well done and keep it up

(btw went boots and spent a small fortune on post op goodies...hubby was like wont the hosp give u this, i said nope this is what the WLS forum told me to get...LOLZ!!! u guys are better then my provider!)


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Great thread.

Really interesting.

I have no idea what it going on ...... lol. I neither indulge in Facebook or hold those who are banned close to my bosom so to speak. :D

There have been some wonderful posts on here and it really does show the forum specifically it's members in a good light. All credit to you guys!

Cherry - the first 7 days are the worst .... but when you're rocking that polka-dot bikini next year you'll be thinking all the pain was worth it.

Weeble made a wonderful post as did a few others ..... it is a forum. We can voice our opinions, but ultimately the rules are the rules (unwritten/written) and there are bounds by which you adhere ... this is the same on any forum you use and I too use MANY.

Credit to Mini & Pierce and their Moderators .... but special credit to Cherry for TRULY sticking her head above the parapet and giving first-hand account of what has being happening behind closed doors. I appreciate that we do not have the other side of the story but I have been a member around this parts for many years and remember when and why Minimins was created; I can't imaging Mini & Pierce taking such a decision lightly.
I'm a pretty straight talker, even (unintentionally) bullish sometimes - however I have never been banned, posts pulled, yes :D but never banned ... so it must have been with a very heavy heart matter were taken.

I like it here and the majority posts I've read on the thread have been so uplifting :clap:.

Either way as with the 'Private Message' thread ... I see a pattern emerging (can anyone else see what I'm talking about?), I think it's crazy to imply that this forum is run/administered by a bunch of Despots and we are their oppressed subjects - we do have a choice and there is no duress involved - or having to tow the party line by 'game playing'. I did find it strange that so many people came out of no where to jump on the 7-day ban but were not interested in addressing the subject at hand :confused:.

I still stand by what I said in that thread ..... :bolt: if this forum is so bad and evil.

I'm not interested in the other side of the story (and for that matter those who were banned aren't interested in sharing it hence the blanket blocking on Facebook! so forgive me if their right to reply is vetoed)- I'm interested in the people that are left and the good work they are doing.

[there is much more I want to say, but I would definitely get a slap for it :D]

Keep up the good work people :banana dancer: onwards and downwards (with the weight!!)



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Im new to this site and so far I love what I have seen in here and the friendliness of everyone. I think the owners and mods in here do a wonderful job at keeping the forum safe as is their job.
You cant please everyone and I am sure they must have had very good reasons for doing what they did.

Kelly I hope you get well soon and look forward to hearing about how much you lose in the future x
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