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WLS Moderation Team!

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Hi Everybody,

We would like to thank all those who nominated members and also put themselves forward in helping us to find moderators for the WLS Forums.

Our choice was made very easy for us as four long standing members came out on top as to whom you would wish to be the moderators.

We are very pleased to announce that the New Moderation Team for the WLS Forums here on MiniMins are...

Sambucca/Sam, phatgirl/Nic, hopelesscase/Carole and tesmaralda/Terri.

Please contact Sam, Nic, Carole or Terri if you have a problem, whether you would like a thread moved or that you feel something should get their attention.

It is hoped that you our members will endeavour to help the WLS moderation Team at all times by reporting abusive post, spam and letting them know when someone needs help or attention of any kind.



wants the sunshine back!
:happy036: Great choice of moderators! Congrats to the four of you! :queen::queen::queen::queen:
Cuppa xx :D


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Whoop! Whoop! Great choice Pierce. :happy096::winner::0clapper::0clapper::0clapper:Kind regards Gail.xxxxx


Sunny Horizons
All four excellent choices-
we're in very safe experienced hands now
Thanks Pierce


Proudly maintaining
Oh my lord the brummies are running the show :eek: just kidding ladies congratulations and I shall try to behave ;)


On my way................
4 perfect choices :) x


Im Meellttinngg!! :)
congrats girls :D you'll do a fine job !


Lifes a beach
Wise choices

Congratulations to you all for your enhanced status, hope we dont cause you too many headaches lol!

Ooooh just one q........ Do you get a gold encrusted Losers bench?;)



fabby not flabby :)
Congrats Girlies, and I will try n be good;):D
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