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Advice about how liquid goes through


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Hi all
I am 3 days into my band and am just wondering what happened at this time when I drink liquids ?
I have this image of water running right through the bands gap , like a sink draining down a plug hole ? Not sitting anywhere at , just running right through .
Also the same with the runny liquids I'm having ? Are they just running right through the hole ?
I know in a few weeks I will have a filler but will this still happen ?


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Maybe not 'running' through as your still likely to be swollen from the operation.

I should imagine it will be more of a drip.....:)


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So water and thin liquids will infact gather above the gastric hole ? And not drain straight through . Hard to get my head round lol


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Thanks for asking this Mindy.
Great to get the advice above...
I think it's the dreaded sliders we've got to be careful of long term too!!
Still not managed to eat, e.g. shake/yoghurt. Got reassurance from HW and not a problem...was having a whittle earlier.
They also said only aiming for a 100ml a liquid this week moving onto 200ml of just water/tea/coffee/low calorie drinks. Hope this helps x x x


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I'm not having probes at all with getting liquid down ,
I haven't measured but I'm drinking 3 x 750mls water bottles , and 1 small mug of soup and 2 small mugs of my yogurt, milk and protein powder , daily .
So that quiet a lot of liquid actually isn't it ?


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I was recommended this by my advisor
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I ordered the vanilla to add to yogurt and milk and it's really sweet , so I might order the plain next time so it's more versatile for adding to soups etc