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Almost missed my 6 month anniversary


New Member
Can't believe how quickly the time has flown past.

So... Since 1 October I've lost 5 stone, I'd lost 3 stone before my bypass, so I'm 8 stone lighter, fairly chuffed ( understatement ) :bliss:

Life has changed for me in so many positive ways, and I feel so healthy and full of energy.

Yes my hair is falling out, I can't eat and drink at the same time, and there are lots of foods I can't eat. ;) BUT I really don't care!!

This is the best I've felt in 25 years! Who cares about never eating certain foods again.

Stay strong and positive folks, and thanks for all your help, advice and support. Xxxx :D:D:D


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Fantastic :)

Lincs Lass

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Well done xx