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Anyone had Tummy tuck on the NHS please ? Any advice extremely appreciated.


Hi All

Has anyone had a Tummy tuck on the NHS please ?

I'm currently waiting to go to a tribunal and waiting for a decision.

Can anyone please tell me how the process works and how long you had to wait ?

Thanks so much.

Jacqui x
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Sorry can't help you Hun

los in it

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Only know of 1person who hadn't done but she told their was making (the extra skin) her life in bearable even to the point of ending her life and with that she was given a tummy tuck not heard of anyone else getting it
Hi I had one on the nhs with south tees hospital I lost 8 stone and had intertigo had to be at normal bmi for 2 yrs before I was referred then went to Nhs panel wasagreed as I had met the criteria in the augustseen surgeon in the sept given date in October but had to turndown as was on holiday went in on the November must admit was very painful op and had a lot if complications including being readmitedwith septis and wound opening which apparently is common if a tummy tuck is done after weight loss due to the arteries took over 12 weeks to heal and 5 yr later still numb in places