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August Challenge Anyone?


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I have no idea where it's going.... I'm down 75lbs since the 1st July( due to put loads of weight on om holiday) I can't see adifference in myself, apart from my pants which I now can't wear as they fall straight down..

Well done everyone, roll on sept chall xxxx

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blueeyes said:
Dolly48dd I'm with you hun! 20st 1 this morning. Just want to be in the 19s. Anywhere in the 19s will do :)

19st 9lbs this morning. Target achieved.


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Hi all. I managed my July challenge, so I'm up for this one...
I weighed 18st 13lb at my last weigh in (August 1st). I'd like to be below 18st 5lb by the end of August and I'd also like to have regularly increased my exercise by at least 30 minutes a week.:fingerscrossed:

Another challenge completed successfully! I was weighed Saturday morning (27th) and was 18 stone 3lbs. Also this month my hubby bought me a bike :eek: so my exercise has increased a little......
Bring on September...!


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MrsSmith said:
I'm 17-1 at the moment, just missed July challenge, very frustrating, having band on August 13th, so hoping for a good month, but don't know what a realistic target would be, all things considered, so will aim for 16-7 and see what happens :)

Well, finished August at 16-4, which is good as beat challenge.
BUT, have been stuck on this weight for 11 days now which is so frustrating. On sloppy food and having just what it recommends on sheet from dietician, having plenty of fluids and about 900 calories a day; sure if I'd been eating this pre op I'd have been losing :-(
Can't blame totm and on exercise bike for 20 mins or so every night, so just don't know what else I can do.
First fill isn't until Oct 3rd :-(


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tashaliza said:
Hi, I'm 15.11 at the mo, and I would like to be in the 14s by the end of august but that might be abit unrealistic........ Oh well better get my bum in gear :)

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Weighed in this morning at 15st :) really pleased only 1 lb off of august challenge.... Role on September :)

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I was weighed this morning and have lost another 2lb so just managed to lose 8lb this month.. bring on September now x


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Hi I am 15st 6.5lb and I would like to be 14 something by the end of August, I am in Florida the last 2 weeks in August so I will have to be good, Karen x

I did it, I came back from my holiday and I am 14st 10.5lb, Karen x


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I made it just looked back & have dropped to 13st 13lbs from 14st 9.5lbs in august that's target reached & 10.5lbs gone in a month.
Bring on the September challenge.