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July challenge ?


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Well done everyone. I do not think I am going to hit my target. I seem to have really stalled in my weight loss. This morning I weighed 14 stone 5 lbs.


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I've actually forgotten to weight in this week :eek:(
Roll on Saturday.


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I have well and truly hit my target!!! Was 19st 8lb on the 2nd of July and today I am 18st 5lb :wee::wow:


Can you tell am happy?! lol


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Hi all, I weighed on Tuesday and am now 96kgs. So not only have I lost 2kgs this month but...I've also reached my first goal weight! Great. I'm not in the 14's yet, but I've gone below 97 for the first time in years. Roll on the August challenge.


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Louanne79 said:
3lb off this week, so I'm now 20s 01lb. Just 2lb more to meet my July goal :D

Forgot to weigh in last week, but just been to Boots and now weigh 19s 06lbs, that's 9lb off in two weeks, and means I've easily achieved my target of being in the '19's by the end of month.

Yay me, and well done to all you other 'losers'! :D



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I did well in June so July i'm going to do better. am 21st spot on, will be 19st 13lb for the end of July.
I can do it..
I didn't do as well as i hoped 20st 5lb, still comin off just slowed down.:(


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MrsSmith said:
I'd like to be under 17 by the end of July; currently fluctuating on a weekly basis between 17-5 and 17-10!! Sometimes I despair of myself! x

Well, 17 stone 1 this morning, so haven't quite made it, have lost well this week though as started pre op diet on Sunday..two weeks today I'll be 'done' :)


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Well I was 16.10 at the beginning of July and I have weighed in today at 15.11 :)
I have managed to lose more than the 10lbs that I wanted....... I'm so happy :)
Roll on the august challenge xxx

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I wanted to be 15 something for the end of June but not quite managed it.

I am 16st 1lb today so my goal for the end of July is to be 15st 7lb, Karen x

Well I did it, I got weighed yesterday and I was 15st 6.5lb, chuffed to bits, Karen x


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Didn't quite manage my July challenge. I was hoping to get to 18.7 but only managed 18.9 which is a little frustrating. Better luck next month.



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I'm currently 17 stone 12lbs and would like to be 17 stone by the end of July. :)

Well I did it! 16stone 13lbs, despite having some very wobbly days. :D


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Well done all!

A mere 4 lbs lost in July for me. Perhaps I should feel bad about that, but I chose not to. However long it takes is fine by me :)


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Well done to all those who hit their targets, I am on holiday at the moment so have not had my "July" weigh in , but I do not think I am going to hit the 13's as I was 14st 4 before I left to come away.

I'm off to look for the august challenge!!!


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Ok , I stayed at 14 St 4 lbs so did not meet my target, so a big fail for me. :(

Maybe I will get there in august.