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July challenge ?


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I wanted to be 15 something for the end of June but not quite managed it.

I am 16st 1lb today so my goal for the end of July is to be 15st 7lb, Karen x


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I'm definitely joining you.

I have the 1st appointment with my consultant on 11th July and I know they will want to see my weight down from what it was at referral. Just off to get ont he scales.

OK, 20 stone 10lbs (UP 10lbs from referral!!). By the end of July I want to have lost that 10lbs.


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I'd like to be under 20 stone by the end of July. Currently 20:10.
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I'd like to be under 17 by the end of July; currently fluctuating on a weekly basis between 17-5 and 17-10!! Sometimes I despair of myself! x


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I'm currently 17 stone 12lbs and would like to be 17 stone by the end of July. :)


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I did well in June so July i'm going to do better. am 21st spot on, will be 19st 13lb for the end of July.
I can do it..


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Count me in please, I would like to go down to 415lbs I am currently 425lbs which is a loss of 10lbs and anything else is a bonus. Good Luck Everyone xx


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Gosh you all set big targets. I've been not reaching my goals set out here in May and July so this month I shall be more conservative. Any loss is GOOD. 20st 5 now. Target: comfortably under 20st by end of July.

Let's do it peeps!!
I'm in! Want to be into the 18's by end of July.
Am 19st 8lb now!

Laura b

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I'm joining the gym this month so I'm gonna join u's on this one if u don't mind, my goal is to get in to 16 stone range as I'm 17 stone 7lb now, also I'm gonna aim to drink more this month as my fluid intake is rubbish good luck all xx


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Good Luck to everyone x


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I'm 98kgs (15.4st) and would like to be below 14.13st by the end of July. I know the 14s are my mental block as that is what my weight was when mom died.


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Hi Rebirth, good luck to getting to the 14's, try to turn it around to a positive that your mum would be so proud of you to get back to what you were when she was with you. I'm sure she's really proud of you for what you have achieved so far, Karen x


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This is great

Ok today I was 14st 12 by the end of July I would like to see the 13's. I will exercise 3 times a week and drink more!!!

Good luck everyone.



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oh dear - failed miserably with the June Challenge - wanted to be under 140kg, but managed to go up to 141.5kg - I blame the swimming - building me muscles up!!!

I will aim for 138kg by the end of July. Need to get off my bum more on the days I don't swim.