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Band AFTER Bypass?


I WILL look like this!!
Hi all,
Not sure where to ask this...

April 2009 I had a gastric bypass. I lost around 7-8st in less than a year. From 2010 onwards I had bad mental health issues and my diet once again got out of control. I've put most of it all back on. I wasted the best opportunity I had and have tried to claw it back 100s of times since.
Anyway, I'm wanting to know if a Band is possible after a Bypass?
I have some restriction now but no where near what it should be.

Does anyone know if it's possible?



I WILL look like this!!
Thank you. No I haven't heard of the Fobi ring, that would've been great back in 2009, shame it came later! Lots to think about now, but pleased to hear a band is possible after Bypass.