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Before and after - 18 months on

I've added some pics of me before and after to my photo album (18 months ago and a few weeks ago when I RAN the Race for Life .... could barely walk without at least one walking stick pre-op) x



Love my sleeve!!
omg you look amazing! well done :)
Thanks all. The reason the young girls in the last pic are laughing was because I'd just shouted out 'make way, grandmother overtaking' xx

Miss Tickle

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A-maz-ing ! You look fantabulous!


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You look amazing Amanda. Truly inspirational for us on the journey and those waiting in the wings xx


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Wow that is amazing and running - I can't ever imagine it! I used to walk the cross country at secondary school. It is inspirational. Well done x


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I love to see personal liberation.
Well done you, you'll never be a prisoner within yourself again.
Lynne x




A M A Z I N G ! !


Ready For Change

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Wowee..! I hope you are bursting with pride? You have embraced your new life and really proved that this surgery is a fantastic tool and appreciated by almost all patients. Well done for being so successful. You really deserve recognition for the changes you have made to your lifestyle. I wish you the very best of health and happiness. You are an inspiration xxx


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Jesus you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You look fantastic, well done, Karen x


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You look amazing and inspirational well done and thank you. I would to love to be able to do somehting similar one day!


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how inspirational! well done babe x x