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Can Anti Depressants Really Help With Weight Loss

Peterborough Guy

Luton and Dunstable
I like probably most of us for a long time, have been battling with my weight and failed on every diet going, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Cambridge Diet, Atkins etc etc.

And probably like me, everytime you failed, you just felt worthless and eat for your boredom and depression.

I have never felt myself as being medically depressed, but when I had my appointment with the shrink at L&D, she expressed that she was going to write to my doctor to ask for me to receive some counselling, and or medication for depression.

I walked out of there being depressed and upset, cause normally when I go and see a doctor, what ever the problem is they put it down to your weight. However today, I was going about my weight and they told me I was depressed.

Anyway, I got over that and I had to go and see my doctor, who I have to say is a very nice lady and talks to you as a person not as a number. She explained that she had received this letter and wanted to talk to me about it.

She got me to fill in a questionnaire and expressed that she would like to put me on some medication as a short term measure to give me a boost. She discussed that the journey I was taking with my weight loss surgery would also give me concerns and worries and this would help me to keep a balanced head a bit more.

Anyway reluctantly, I accepted the tablets and started taking them. I have only been on them for 4 weeks, but I feel so strong on my weight loss, I have got on the scales this morning and have loss 50 lb since the beginning of my journey and without seeming big headed, it seems to be dropping off at the moment.

I have had to make some new holes in my belt today and my shorts were falling down, and have ordered some smaller shirts.

The question behind all this is:
Do you think it might be the anti depressants that are making me stronger or the fact that I have the end goal in sight and I am trying my best to lose some more weight before surgery.

Dont get me wrong, I still have the tendencies to be naughty, but where before I could polish off a 12" pizza and still feel hungry, now I am asking for a fish and veg dinner or chicken salad etc.

I am just wondering if anyone else has had a experience like this?

Sorry to waffle on.

Gary x


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I haven't had an experience like this hun but didn't wanna read & run. Well done you! It really sounds like you're getting your head in the right place and reaping the rewards.
I'm not as far as you in the journey and wouldn't say I was an emotional eater however my friends/family think I am lol & I've been offered CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) to see why I do it. I was thinking of possibly getting it under my belt so to speak before I see a psychiatrist.
Hearing your story I think I maybe should..


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Hi Gary , we are in the same boat my love , I have a long term pain condition that sometimes takes over , I am prescribed Flouxetine(prozac) which works wonders !!It enables me to see my success's rather than my failings , I have never experienced weight loss with any of the pills i've taken (just my luck!lol) but it is possible ? You may have just the right seratonin balance that makes you feel optimistic ! i do hope so , you have done magnificently ! 50lb !?! incredible, you must be over the moon ... I'm so happy for you ... i hope to be as successful as you one day... all the very best pickle xxx
(btw, it might help you to keep a diary , or blog to keep on track of your mental health as well as your physical health, it will be easier for you to spot any patterns .... and help you discover if its the chicken or the egg situation, please feel free to message me privately if you fancie a confidential natter) xxx


Baxter's mum
I've been on various anti depressants for over 20 years now. I tend to find that when I first start taking them I feel much more optimistic and want to make changes to my life, so a diet works very well for a while. I personally have never been able to stick to the diets for very long though. But everyone is different.

Having said that, my medication has helped me get through this long wait since referral for wls and I hope it will help me be more stable in the weeks post op.

Big an Bouncy

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Yes,yes and yes!I have been on/off anti ds for years,mt doc at weightmanagement had me go back on them,low dose to get me through this journey.I only take two per week now and have sailed through!It keeps your mood level and less likely to try and eat for comfort/boredom.I have so much energy I cant wait to get up of a morning and find something constructive to do rather than sit in front of the tv all day or read and eat!So deffo stay on them they are not addictive.


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I'm on them too and, although in the early stages of this whole WLS journey I can see them being of help.

What they enable me to do is concentrate on things that need to be concentrated on and to not 'sweat the small stuff' or worry about the things I have no control over.


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Take the weight loss and don't question where it come from.

I believe that they have helped you to get onto an even keel and because of that your head is in the right place to choose what is good for your body and not crave the crap that sometimes makes us feel good for a very short while...

Well done on your losses and to all of the others, keep your chin up your time is coming and life will give you a natural lift x


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The shrink at L&D suggested I see my Doc for the same reasons as you and to get CBT before I started the 5% diet. I felt better on the prozac and weaned my self off them after 6 months and moods were fine so didn't think I needed the CBT then. After my last appointment in Feb of this year she again suggested the CBT to don with my food problems she seems to thin I have, so I spoke to them and am now on the waiting list to see someone but I've got a 3month wait for CBT


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hi gary ive been on anti depressants on and off for 15 years and ive got illnesses that might,
cause depression ,ive been on all different types of tabs but i think i might have found the right one at last ,by chance a locum was on a cipralex 20. mg id become quite scared to think there was no way out for me ,because on paper i should be happy ,but i just wanted to spend all Y my time in bed .any way im dragging on ....,but just to say im so very pleased that our doing so well ,but please dont just stop taking the meds ...........