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Cauliflower crust Pizza-Enough for the whole family


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I made a large cookie sheet and based it on two slices per person serving 6 people

1 whole cauliflower head
4 cups of shredded mozzarella low fat or fat free ( I used low fat)
8 egg whites
2 tablespoons minced garlic
2 tsps Italian seasoning

Toppings - I used sliced plum tomatoes, fresh chopped basil and some sauteed fresh spinach leaves

So first you need to rice your cauliflower. This means you need to put it in your food processor and process until it looks like a rice consistancy.

Next I cooked the cauliflower in a microwave safe container for about 9 minutes

Mix in together the cheese, eggs, garlic and seasoning then combine with the cauliflower.

Generously grease with PAM a large cookie tray or two small pizza trays

Spread cauliflower mixture evenly onto pan

Cook at 450 for 15 minutes

After removing the Pizza Crust I added my toppings and sprinkled a little extra cheese on top... cook for 1-2 more minutes until cheese melts.

1 slices each - total calories 114
total fat 6 gms
total carbs 3.5 gms
total protein 14 gms
total surgar .5 gms
cholesterol 40 mg

You could cut down the fat by using fat free cheese instead of low fat




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That looks lovely. Thanks for sharing the recipe.:)


Sunny Horizons
That looks lovely. Thanks for sharing the recipe.:)

Yes thanks for posting Miss C-it does look good-putting cauliflower on my shopping list:wave_cry:

Miss Tickle

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Looks nice. How would you rice cauliflower if you don't have a food processor. I'm presuming you rice it when its raw.
Also, what is PAM?
No prizes for guessing I'm not much of a cook lol !


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Hi Miss Tickle.. Pam is a non-stick spray. To chop the cauliflower without a food processor, I am not quite sure.. Maybe trying grating it with a grater???


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At ww we were talking about a recipie including cauliflower rice which was grated cauliflower cooked in a small amount of water or zapped in a microwave to cook. And they advised grating it raw then cooking it as much easier to deal with when raw.


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Im not sure... If you would like to keep it in the vegetable family maybe,you could TRY broccoli? but I have no idea.

But cauliflower has such a mild taste, and with all the ingredients and toppings, i doubt you even taste it.


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Hi :)

I've made this tonight only problem I had was it was very watery so had to squeeze liquid out. I just have one question you say 8 egg whites but I notice in the photo there's a yolk in it? Should I have also added that?

Great recipe and extremely yummy !!


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looks lush! Ive already made a chicken fried rice using cauliflower instead of rice for the coming weeks, but ill have to try this looks amazing! x


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Yeah sure I'll get the recipe and put it on here! I also did a YouTube video with the recipe in so u can get it off there too x x


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Ooo i,l have a look now. Did I read that you do a video blog on there too? Is there a link?
Thanks Hun

Tray x


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Looks great!!

Ok I think we need a thread for just recipes...or do we have one???


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okie dokie I will go find it out :)