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Cost of banding at Spire hospitals


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Hello, I am looking at having banding at my local Spire hospital - does anyone know the rough cost please? My nearest in Havant in Hampshire.


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its 8 grand in washington,tyne and wear and thats with no band fills...ive ben looking at NU age medical its around 6,000 and you get five years aftercare. i think you only get a year with spire and its 200 pounds to just talk about it with a member of the team. id look around first but if its only 5,000 thats pretty cheap. whatever you decide good luck. xx


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i have a current brochure they sent me last week and the price is BMI 35-39 = £5950 bmi 40-49=£6950 includes 2 year care and band fills as required. thats for the blackpool branch.

jayne xx


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I had my op at Spire South Bank Worcester and it was £6850 with three fills, three consultant appointments and 18months of aftercare. I have to say they have been excellent. The bariatric nurse and dietecian have been in touch very regularly and I cant fault the service.
Hope this helps