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cup cakes


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ok so i know we shouldn't be eating them and stuff but my boys love making cakes and biscuits and are constantly trying to shove a bit of cake in my mouth. It got me thinking there surely has to be a better way to make these cakes a bit healthier and after a lot of searching on the net (there are so many different variations out there a lot were complicated too) i just decided to see if i could make some using my own head, which i'm very pleased to say worked out really well they taste great (not that i'm having any more) and they are a dam sight healthier for the boys, plus i can now use it when i'm making my birthday cake!

So here goes
Basic mix i used 4oz vitalite (in my house its dairy free because of intolerances), 4oz self raisin flour, 3 eggs and 6-8 table spoons of sweetener and 1 of baking powder (just to make sure they rise lol)

I did two batches one had mixed fruit and fresh strawberries (these are yummy) and the other had dairy free chocolate and strawberries (haven't tried these ones cos of the chocolate).

So for special occasions and just for the health of my children i wont be using the traditional caster sugar but sweeteners instead:) xxx