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Dumping long termers

happy days

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Nearly 3 yes post bypass. I don't normally dump much but the last 36 hrs its happening with everything. Any ideas ??????
Don't know if this has any relevance but seem to all of a sudden got massive restriction back


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Its not a tummy bug or anything like that is it hon? Or any new medication?

happy days

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Yve I've had a shitty cold for 2 weeks but that's going. These are full on dumps, sweats,palpitations the works. Even off toast this morning.

happy days

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That's what I thought yesterday

But it's still happening today. I've had nothing since about 1
Dreading eating my tea incase it happens again


my new life!!
I'm over 3 yrs now and I dump on everything...I mean everything.

No tell a lie....not coffee,that's why I drink lots of it.
I mentioned on a early post "will I ever enjoy food again"..and the answer is still no.
The dumping has given me a fear of food..I was honest to mention this to the dietician.

happy days

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May of just been a phase then,dumping is horrible and worse when it nearly happens at every meal like me.
Don't know how you cope.
I can manage at home but when it happened at work it was dreadful. I was that dizzy I cudnt move, sweats and palpitations. Awful thing


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I have read of this happening. I have heard of a couple of people converting to a sleeve from a bypass. When you saw your dietician, did they suggest anything that could be done.I hope you get some relief guys xx